Lionel Messi the Football God has some amazing Car Collection

He is the heart of football enthusiasts worldwide. He spent his entire professional career, spanning from 2004 to 2021 with F.C. Barcelona. His recent switching of Football Clubs from Barcelona F.C. to the Paris Saint-Germain F.C stirred football lovers across the globe. Lionel Messi is one of the highest-paid footballers, with a total net worth of over $400 million. Here is a list of his armada of cars.

1. Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti 

Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti | Lionel Messi the Football God has some amazing Car Collection
Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti 

The 335 Spider Scaglietti: the car that put an end to the Mille Miglia in 1957! The 335 S, originally a ‘50s racing marvel, happens to be the most expensive and rare car in Lionel Messi present collection. The brand does not sell the car anymore, and it has become a valuable auction item, recently being sold for a staggering $35.7 million.

Messi’s 2-seater 335 S comes with a 4.0-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine producing 390 horsepower at 7,400 rpm. and can reach a top speed of 300km/h.

The car has a basic convertible body type. Pretty much minimalist and function-oriented, it still manages to look ravishing both inside and out! The 335 S Spider is not intended for road use at all. Keeping it idle for too long may foul the plugs. Driven by Sterling Moss in the Cuban Grand Prix in 1958, the word is, Messi bought it off a 2016 Paris auction for a lump sum of $37 million.

2. Pagani ZondaTricolore

Pagani ZondaTricolore
Pagani ZondaTricolore

Another exotic beast out of the footballer’s collection, this one is one of the most expensive cars around the world.

It has a 7.3L V12 engine mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. The engine gives 670 bhp power and 780 Nm peak torque. Another Italian car has a coupe-type body and rear-wheel drive. It is a 2-doored 2-seater and reaches a top speed of 220 mph. It has dimensions of 4435 mm x 2055 mm x 1141 mm with a 2730 mm wheelbase.

$2 million

3. Mercedes SLS AMG

Mercedes SLS AMG | Lionel Messi the Football God has some amazing Car Collection
Mercedes SLS AMG

Discontinued in 2015, the SLS AMG is another dream car Messi bought for around an estimated $642,490.

Having a 6.2-liter DOHC 6208 cc V8 engine giving 563-horsepower the SLS AMG can attain a top speed of 315kmph. The coupe can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in 3.8 seconds.

Due to a budding passion for roadsters, Mercedes-Benz India first launched the car in the country at the Indian Auto Expo 2012. It comes in two variants: the Coupe and the Roadster, prices varying between ₹2.54 crore – ₹2.93 crores.

4. Ferrari F430 Spider

Ferrari F430 Spider
Ferrari F430 Spider

The 4.3-litre Ferrari F136 E V8 engine generates a horsepower of 503hp and 469 Nm torque. The speedy beast is another 2-seater. The F430 is available in another variant of coupe body shape.  Messi apparently purchased his for around $164,490. Its current Indian prices stand at around ₹1.75 crores.

5. The Range Rover

The Range Rover
The Range Rover

Range Rover is one of the most luxurious and expensive brands of SUVs all over the world. Lionel Messi happens to own two Range Rover models.

Range Rover Vogue (3.0-litre turbo-diesel V6 giving 254 hp), whose Indian prices start at ₹1.74 crores and go up to ₹3.88 crores, and Range Rover Sport (3-litre V6 engine giving 254 hp), which has a price range of ₹91.23 lakh and goes up to ₹ 2.19 crore. These SUVs are great for off-road hiking trips.

6. Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade
Cadillac Escalade

This one is a family car. Surprisingly, it is one very common, cheap, and affordable in the US. Messi’s Escalade is an 8-seater. The SUV comes along with a 6.2-litre V-8 engine that makes 420 hp. It is Cadillac’s largest sized SUV. its prices in India vary around ₹1.3 crore to ₹1.7 crores.

7. Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale 

Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale
Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

The GranTurismo S, another Italian jewel, comes with a 4.7-litre V8 petrol engine that makes a maximum of 520 Nm of torque at 4,750 rpm. It comes with a six-speed automatic gearbox, clocks a top speed of 188 mph, and can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 4.6 seconds. 

Although a sports car, it is pretty heavy. It is designed to reach incredible speeds but is also suitable for inter-city highways. The MC Stradale falls into the price range of about ₹2.25 crore – ₹2.51 crore.

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