Maruti 800 Features, Price, and Specification

Maruti 800 is the car we are going to know about. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd was formerly known as “Maruti Udyog Limited”. It was founded by the Government of India on 24th February 1981, only to merge with the Japanese automobile company Suzuki in October 1982. Later in 2003, it was sold to Suzuki Motor Corporation by the Government of India. This car was a small city car that was manufactured by Maruti Suzuki in India from 1983 to 2014. The first generation was based on Suzuki Alto that has an 800cc F8B Engine. 

During 1980s and early 1990s the name “Maruti” was synonym with Maruti 800. It remained one of the best-selling cars in India until 2004 when the Maruti Alto took the title. 

Specifications of this car

Dimensions and weights- 
  • The overall length of 3335 mm,
  • Overall width 1440mm, 
  • Overall height 1405mm.
  • The wheelbase was  2175 mm. 
  • Front track width 1215mm, 
  • Rear Track width 1200mm, 
  • Ground clearance 160 mm
  • Kerb weight of 650 kg without AC and 665kg with AC
  • Maruti 800 had a seating capacity of 4 people
  • Fuel tank capacity 28L
  • Engine oil 2.1 L
  • Transmission oil- 2.1L
  • Windscreen Washer Fluid 1.75 Lt
  • The Maximum speed of 140/h
  • 0-100 Km/h 
Fuel Economy 
  • Mileage overall – 14.1 km/l 
  • Engine model of Maruti 800 was F8B MPFI, F8D MPFI
  • Displacement – 796cc
  • 3 inline number of cylinders 
  • Fuel type- Petrol
  • Top speed- 140 kmph
  • Manual Transmission
  • Four Gear speed
  • Rack and Pinion Steering type
  • Minimum turning radius of 4.42m
  • Front brakes Disc
  • Rear Brakes Drum
  • Break mechanism Hydraulic 
  • Tyres of Maruti 800 145/70 R12

For the middle class, Maruti 800 was actually an addition to the great Indian dream which was Roti, Kapda, Makaan, and Maruti. In reality, Maruti 800 lived up to the expectation of thousands of customers who sat in the driver’s seat over the last 25 years. Maruti 800 symbolized the change that India embarked on in mid -80s. Because owing 800 became a status symbol. Due to big publicity and a large amount of demand the company decided to take bookings in the 80s, with and an advance payment of Rs. 10,000. So, about 1, 20,000 customers put their money in the prelaunch phase. 

The Maruti 800 easily managed to replace the Bajaj scooter as the dream vehicle of the Indian Middle class and showed the way for car companies that followed. Maruti 800 worked hard to ensure that it remained relevant in the market over the years. Not only in the 80s but in March 2003, the company clocked sales of over 30,000 units, it was in actual the highest sale of the month. But after some time, sales started to drop. It dropped so low of about 2000 units in November 2008.   

And about two and a half decades back it was the dream car of the nation! Having Maruti 800 meant that you had a sense of style, achievement, and status! 

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