Maruti Baleno Features, Price, and Specifications 2021

A perfect combination of elite design and comfort is what Maruti Baleno is. If you are looking for a car that gives you a sedan and SUV look combination, then Baleno is the one for you. From the front, it appears like a sedan, and a side glimpse shows its match to a mini SUV. Thus, giving you a graceful, elegant car body. Baleno was first launched in the Indian markets in 2015. Further, the new improved design of Baleno got its launch in January 2019. Moreover, the new facelift version had upgraded bumpers and a stylish front grille. These new features further enhanced the look of Baleno.

When it comes to design, Maruti Baleno has always given major competition. Baleno has an integrated starter generator with a Lithium-ion and Lead Acid battery. This gives us an enhanced driving experience. 2021 Baleno, is bolder and stronger, it has an extremely attractive exterior. Talking about its interior, Baleno from a plush cabin to the best comfortable seats has given us major car goals.
The blog will take you through each of this beauty’s features.


Maruti Baleno
Maruti Baleno

Baleno gives a mileage between 19.6 to 21.96 kmpl. Mileage is the distance a car can cover in 1 liter of fuel. Also, it gives a mileage of 19.6kmpl in CVT mode while a mileage of 21.01 kmpl in manual transmission mode. Further, the mileage depends upon the car maintenance and the model of the car you are using.
Moreover, Baleno has front disc brakes and rear drum brakes.

Engine of Maruti Baleno

Baleno is available to us in a 5-speed manual transmission and CVT mode. It has an 1197 cc petrol engine which delivers better low-end torque power. Furthermore, Baleno has better combustion and also reduced engine friction. This makes it the best-in-class fuel efficiency.


Color adds beauty to even a monotonous thing. Also, colors act as a major deciding factor while purchasing a car. Baleno comes in a variety of colors such as:

  •  Baleno Blue is in itself is an inspiring innovation launch.
  • Further, the  Magma Grey color is cool yet bold which knows how to astonish you with its fearless aura.
  • Also, the graceful Metallic Premium Silver offers us a striking bold sharpness; making it a true winner in its way.
  •  Whereas, Pearl Phoenix Red is a depiction of boldness.
  •  Pearl Arctic White is the unique one; it personifies pride and magnificence.
Maruti Baleno Interiors


The Baleno is available in the Price range of 5.9 lakhs to 9.3 lakhs. Moreover, the price depends upon the model of the car you choose. Below is the list of models of Maruti Baleno and the price they come with:

  • Sigma Petrol – ₹598000
  • Delta Petrol   – 671000
  • Zeta Petrol    – ₹734000
  • Delta Petrol Smart Hybrid   – ₹759000
  • Delta Automatic Petrol    ₹791000
  • Alpha Petrol    ₹810000
  • Zeta Petrol Smart Hybrid    ₹822800
  • Zeta Automatic Petrol    ₹854000
  • Alpha Automatic Petrol   ₹930000
Maruti Baleno Dashboard

Features of Maruti Baleno

Car features of Baleno 2021 are like a new state of the art. It allows you to text, call, play music and also navigate easily through the city. Moreover, it all will work by just your voice. I know it’s hard to believe but yes my friends it is true. And while you’re having the time of your life in this dreamy car you can also keep a track of your car’s important information easily via various screens in the Multi-Information Display.

Safety features in Maruti Baleno

Safety is never a question when we are talking about Baleno as it has given safety its top priority. Further, Baleno safety features make sure the utmost comfort level and safety each time you drive.

  • Baleno has ABS with EBD technology which is the most supreme safety feature in any car. ABS stands for Anti Brake locking system which prevents the locking of brakes when sudden brakes are applied. ABS works with the help of Electronic brake force distribution (EBD) and brake assist features. It helps in preventing the locking of breaks and eventually the skidding of the vehicle.
  • Other safety features are Rear Parking Sensors and a Rear Camera. It gives us a better view of the surroundings and offers ease while parking. Which overall improve your driving experience. Apart from this Baleno safety features includes a Reverse Parking Camera and Sensor for increased visibility and road awareness.

Suzuki Connect

The Suzuki Connect features allows one to access suzuki’s latest features with just a touch of buttons in Baleno.

1. Live Vehicle tracking
– you will stay updated on your car’s exact location in real-time.
                1. Geo-Fence- With this, you will be able to set a maximum of 5 boundary areas for your car at one time and will receive an alert every time you cross those boundaries.
                2. Navigate to Car- Ease out buddies, no more forgetting where you parked your car. Locate it and you will get walking direction to your car.
                3. Location Sharing – you will be able to track your precise location and you can even share your location with your loved ones.

2. Emergency Alert

– the features is to help you in case any emergency arises.
                1. Car Assistance Call – You can contact customer care and can receive towing or any other technical support with easy touch through the red button calling.
                2. Emergency Alert- Suzuki Connects ensures that whether you are in a car or away from your car, it always keeps you informed.
                3. Preventive Functional Call- Suzuki makes sure a support call for immediate technical or towing help if it detects any issue.

3. Driving Behavior Analysis
               1. Fuel Efficiency Report- Suzuki Connect updates you upon the multiple or single trips about your car’s average fuel consumption.
               2. Driving Score- Get scored 100 every time you’re behind the wheel.

What else can anyone expect from our dream car Baleno?
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