The Sunroof Feature in Modern Cars – Useful or Useless?

The Sunroof Feature in Modern Cars- Useful or Useless? We can open it to ventilate the car &  for fresh air. It is a glass moveable transparent panel.

Here are the things about the sunroof feature how is it useful.
  1. Improved cell phone reception

When we are travelling at that time we have to face the signal problem or networking problem in our phones. It occur because of the covered surface shield on the car. The glass of the panel do not interfere with the signals hence we can open it to provide signals.

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  1. Gazing

Yes! Because of the sunroof feature we can gaze the clouds Intently, admire the things like nature, gaze the beautiful stars at night with the open eyes.

  1. Increase the sense of space

With the open sunroof we admire the fresh air, light, sunshine etc. It makes our car cabin feel good & it also ventilate the car.

  1. Reducing the cabin temperature

It reduce the cabin temperature by whole roof & tilt function.

  1. Reduced space

Due to the sunroof feature one additional component is added in the car. This also occupied space in your car cabin. 

  1. Heavy 

Here, it is an another dis-advantage that increase the car load. The sunroof mechanism is heavy & add the weight to your vehicle. 

  1. Costly 

In adding the feature in the car also increases its price. So, it is basically pricey.

  1. Inconvenience

Yes, it is difficult to maintain the roof clean all the time. You have to taken care of the roof which go trouble sometimes.

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These all are the advantage & dis-advantage of the sunroof feature. Do you like the feature?



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