Tips on how to effectively use your car AC this summer!

How to use your car AC this summer? In the summer days, when the Sun Sparks brighten, heating your head, You always need to drink water more on regular basis and eat watery fruits more. It’s a human thing, right?

But what about your car? How to use your car AC this summer?

When we enter the car during the summer days and the car feels like boiling hot air from inside it when you parked your car under the hot summer sun.

The AC is also not throwing cool air! 

Here, we help you out by telling you how to effectively use your car AC this summer!

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  1. Park in shade

Yes! To keep your car’s cabin cool, always park your car under the roof & away from the sunlight. You can park your car under a tree or in the garage or in the basement as possible as to get free from the sun rays. If you don’t find such a place then you can open the car window to remove the hot air inside from it. This will also reduce the greenhouse effect.

  1. Ventilate the car

In summer, the interior of the car gets too hot so, it is a great idea to ventilate your car’s cabin. Let the hot air passes out and fresh air keep comes inside your car. You need to do is open your car doors and turn the AC button on at a slow speed. It makes the thing better while you drive the car after that. 

  1. Use car air condition every day

The next tip to keep your car cooling is to use your car AC every week at least for 10-15 minutes. No matter whether the climate is cool or hot. You have you use it once a week to make sure the AC is working in a good condition. 

  1. Check the refrigerant level

The air which comes from your car’s AC is with the help of a refrigerant. It is important to check the level of refrigerant to keep the AC working well.

It is essential step to check on the regular basis.

  1. Get car AC serviced regularly

Make sure to get your car AC serviced before the summer hit. To avoid long waiting and also cut maintenance cost.

Replace the car AC if it gets all-over damage and also replace the cabin air filter regularly.
These are the tips you have to keep in mind when you use your car AC this summer.

I hope you will follow these rules, won’t you?



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