Top 10 Automobile Companies In India – 2021

Automobile companies play a vital role in the growth of the Indian economy. It contributes around 7-8 percentage of India’s GDP. 

The automobile companies take efforts day by day to make the best cars possible. They execute their plans and policies to look ahead in the growth of the automobile sector. 

In India, there are huge numbers of cars present especially in the Capital Delhi. The Top 10 Automobile Companies in India as follows:

1. Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki is the topmost Car sale company in India. The company is the subsidiary of Japanese Automobile and owned by the Government of India in 1981. Later in 2003, it was sold to Suzuki Motor Corporation by the Government. 

The headquarter is situated in Delhi. The Chairman of the company is R.C. Bhargava. The first-ever car introduced by Maruti was Maruti 800. The company always appears on top with the more than 50% of share in the sales market in India.

In the last year, the company decided to remove the diesel engine & use only petrol mill instead. 

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2. Hyundai Motors

Another car after Maruti Suzuki is Hyundai Motors. It is a South Korean carmaker company which came to India in 1998. The headquarters is situated in Seoul. 

The company has many products includes like Verna, Tucson, Aura, Creta available in market. 

3. TATA Motors

The most trustworthy car brand of India known for its best SUV cars. TATA Motors bought Jaguar & Range Rover from the FORD company in the year 2018. 

It also secured the 5-star Rating at the Global NCAP. 

Its headquarters is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The TATA launched many types of vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks, Van, military vehicles, etc.

It is also one of the safest car brands with good product & price. In the year 2008, the company launched its cheapest car called Nano. 

4. Toyota Kirloskar

It is a subsidiary company of Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan. It came in India in 1997 as a joint Venture with the group Kirloskar. 

The Kirloskar group owned the 11 percent of share from the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). 

Later, the company decided to collaborate with India’s topmost selling brand, Maruti. Hence, the company shares 25-30% of the Toyota product.

5. KIA Motor

The KIA Motor is is also a South Korean manufactured company. It is owned by the Hyundai Motor Company which holds 33.88% of stake value. 

KIA comes with a powerful engine & a great feature loaded in it. The company launched its car every 6 months. It is the latest automotive brand in India. 

6. Skoda Auto

It is a German carmaker known for its inventions and technologies came in India in 2001. 

The first car which was launched by the Skoda is Octavia. The features include high fuel efficiency, low price, flexibility, and handling. It will also launch many more in the future. Recently in 2020, Skoda launched the Auto Expo. 

7. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is known for its most luxury cars and commercial vehicles. Its headquarter is situated in Stuttgart, Germany. The brand was the highest seller in the world, in 2018.

The A-Class Mercedes car came with the price of 28 lakhs rupees only. These cars are the most affordable cars to date & safest in the world.

8. Volkswagen AG

Volkswagen AG is the largest automobile company that owns half of the automobile brand in the world. The headquarter is situated in Wolfs-burg, Germany. 

It is one of the largest automaker company in Germany and fourth in the world by production.

The product of company includes commercial vehicles, motorcycles, turbo-machinery etc.

9. Honda

This Japanese company came to India in 1995. The people having craze over this brand are limitless. In addition, the Sedan car from the company has become very popular in the Indian market.

The Honda is better in each and every feature of it, from fuel efficiency to engine power. The company launched many cars that are really fabulous including- Civic, Honda Accord, Amaze, etc.

10. Renault 

It is one of the most remarkable brands in today’s generation. Renault also launched many cars including- KWID, Duster. Also, the company offers the car with its safety measures, best performance & better fuel efficiency.

These are the Top 10 Automobile Companies in India.

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