Top 5 Speakers for the car

Here are Top 5 Speakers for the car. Listening to music is love and choice of everyone, either he/she is old or young. Everyone loves to listen to music from Rafi to Badshah. And while driving a car its joy and love increases 10 times. But there are many music systems which give quality music or some give less quality of music. Like its audio wattage, its connectivity features and other specifications makes this good quality of speaker for a car. So here are the few speakers which are known for its quality and sound system for the car.


If you love to listen to music in a small hatchback car and are not willing to invest Rs 1000 for buying a speaker with good quality. Here is the best deal of good quality speaker Woodman WM 1052 sets. This is a 3 way speaker with 200 Watts to give good quality of sound. The sound you listen to is clear and loud and also it is designed with a multi layer rubber cone to reproduce sound with a suitable degree of internal loss. It is fit for Maruti Suzuki Alto, Tata Nano and many other cars. The price is Rs 699 only.

 JBL CS742 

JBL is consistently making fabulous speakers and sound systems of many decades. And known for its quality of sound system. And if you are a brand lover and want some branded speakers here you go with JBL CS742 which is generally made for smaller cars with 4 inch speaker provision,  the JBL speakers offer high quality sound, are easy to install, and have an external housing. A perfect buy if you are low on budget. By having 90 Watt sound in just Rs 1649.

JBL CX-650C 

Another interesting speaker of JBL which gives good quality audio with lots of bass, and from this you don’t need to have an amplifier. This system comes with 2 component speakers, 2 crossover and 2 tweeter, giving a crisp and clear sound, full of bass and treble. In just Rs 4299.

Sony XS-FB693E

Sony is the foremost manufacturer of entertainment systems for cars and we have seen it in the music systems list. If you wish to combine your single din Sony Xplod music system with a good quality affordable speaker system, you can buy the Sony XS-FB693E 3-way speaker set. The Speakers are made of the Mica matrix cone woofer for deep and powerful bass, and also offers a lot of space saving with easy-to-install design. By having 420 Watt maximum output, in just  Rs 3026. 

Infinity  PR6500CS Primus

This component speaker is also the most expensive system and this is made for the bigger cars like sedans and SUVs and gives the best sound output in comparison to other sound systems. And if you add sub – woofer to it and it will sound like Dolby atmos movie theaters. And this speaker will cost you Rs.10286. These are the Top 5 Speakers for the car.

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