Top Collectible Cars in India

 Buying and selling of vintage cars have long been a passion for many car enthusiasts. This is a great way to preserve the history of the development of cars and the popular trends in several time periods. In addition to that, it is also a great investment because these cars appreciate value over time. On the other hand, normal cars face a depreciation in value as time passes. But we are sure, you never knew about these top collectible cars.

Hence vintage cars can provide you with impressive returns on your investment. In India alone, car collecting has garnered more and more interest over the years. The list of top car collectors in India includes none other than the business tycoon Mukesh Ambani who has a personal collection of 170 cars which includes cars like Maybach, Bugatti, and Mercedes. Let’s have a look at the most coveted and valuable vintage cars in India that have proven to be some of the top collectible cars for collectors. 

1. Herald-Standard Convertible

Herald-Standard Convertible | Top Collectible Cars
Herald-Standard Convertible

The Herald-Standard Collectible came out in the 1960s and was the Indian version of the Triumph Herald car. It was available in the 4-door and 5-door versions. With separate front seats and a bolder framework, this car is stunning to look at. The rear pillars and sleek front make driving smooth and pleasurable. It is for sure, one of the best vintage cars available in India.

2. Fiat Premier Padmini

Fiat Premier Padmini
Fiat Premier Padmini

Last seen in Mumbai as taxicabs, the Fiat Premier Padmini, was manufactured by Premier Automobiles in the 1970s. With a top speed of 131 kmph, this car topped the sales charts in the 70s and 80s. It proved to be a huge success since it was easier to drive than the ambassador. It offered features like air-conditioning, leather upholstery, tinted glass and courtesy lights which became hugely popular in the market at the time. However, with the advent of cheaper, more fuel-efficient cars from Maruti, there was a decline in the popularity of Padmini. This was further increased by the liberalization of the Indian economy in 1991 which introduced foreign car manufacturers in India. However, today the Padmini is a much sort after a vintage car that can be of much value to any car collector in the county. 

3. HM Ambassador Classic

HM Ambassador Classic | Top Collectible Cars
HM Ambassador Classic

This much-beloved car by Hindustan Motors can still be spotted on the streets of India today. Its make and model is exactly what comes to mind when one thinks of the word ‘vintage’. Seemingly preserved in time, this car was the first to be built in India post-independence and remains to favorite to this day.

4. Hindustan Contessa

Hindustan Contessa
Hindustan Contessa

This is another classic by Hindustan Motors, introduced in the year 1983. It gained its iconic status due to Bollywood popularizing it as the go-to car for its villains. This is a strikingly elegant muscle car, which is spacious and comfortable and would be one of the most valued collectible cars from the 80s.

5. Ford Ikon

Ford Ikon | Top Collectible Cars
Ford Ikon

This iconic Indian car with its cat-eyed headlamps and the unique bonnet was introduced in the late 1990s as the sedan version of the Fiesta hatchback. This is yet another car on the list that is visibly vintage in its look and would therefore be great as a collectible car.

6. Volkswagen Beetle 1961

Volkswagen Beetle 1961
Volkswagen Beetle 1961

This is one of the classiest vintage cars out there with its defining design and distinctive bonnet. Its features have made it highly adored by the public making it one of the highest selling cars of its time. 

7. 1935 Delahaye 135MS

1935 Delahaye 135MS | Top Collectible Cars
1935 Delahaye 135MS

The owner of the car is Jodhpur royal family and is one among only 11 of its kind to ever manufacture in making it a precious find. 

8. Jaguar XK150

Jaguar XK150
Jaguar XK150

This is one of the other top collectible cars of India. It is a sports car that was in production from 1957-61 only. This two-seater is one of the most impressive in the XK150 line. It came as a radical revolution after the xk120 and xk140 line. Its powerful engine makes it one of the best-performing cars on this list. 

9. 1935 Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental 

1935 Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental | Top Collectible Cars
1935 Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental

You cannot talk about vintage cars in India without mentioning the 1935 Rolls-Royce. Its Gurney Nutting body and head-turning design are among many of its features that make it the object of desire for every top car collector. Initially, only 6 Phantom II Continentals were present in India but only one remains today. It is, incidentally the last Phantom II to be manufactured. This, obviously, makes it one of the most expensive cars mentioned here.

10. 1925 Hispano Suiza H6B

1925 Hispano Suiza H6B
1925 Hispano Suiza H6B

The last from the list of top collectible cars in India is Hispano Suiza. Although Rolls-Royce remains to be one of the most enduring images of royalty in India; the Hispano Suiza has been the preferred choice for many of India’s elites. The H6B model is one of the most beautiful Hispano-Suiza present in India. It is also an important car as it is the only surviving chassis with Sauotchik bodywork. It belonged to the Maharaja of Mysore and is presently housed in the Geedee Museum in Coimbatore. It’s unique body style known ‘La Transformable 6 Glaces’ allows the car to use with its roof close, or as a landaulet or as a full cabriolet as one desires.

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