Understanding Your Car Emergency Lights

Dazzling white moon bestowing a sense of calmness. Green pasture is all the base. A sky is full of twinkling stars, a series of lakes around, fluffy clouds above, and a soothing climate. Just a perfect aura to enjoy a long drive, isn’t it? Yes, definitely it is!! But all we need to do while cherishing these moments is to seek utmost care and safety of ourselves as well as the others who are at their joyful and purposeful rides during the dusk. So to ensure that every car have emergency lights.

  • How do we ensure care and amusement together while driving a car?
  • How do we keep up with all trivial details?
  • And, How to address the problem?

Now, it’s no more concern or worries for us. Modern-day cars have modern-day solutions to modern problems. All cars are prominently designed to deliver the best of a car with utmost diligence to meet all your safety standards and needs. The only problem lies in the lack of knowledge or ignorance by the car user. All cars provide you ‘EMERGENCY LIGHTS.’ These are signal providers for you to be vigilant about the car’s condition, verify the emergency lights indication, rectify the error and swiftly carry on with the blissful rides. 

Emergency lights in a car? 

  • What is it about?
  • What do they indicate?
  • When to use them? 
  • How to use them? 

And a myriad of many such questions in various people’s minds. But none of them have a clear picture of the concepts, indications, and uses of ‘EMERGENCY LIGHTS IN A CAR.’ Therefore, it is the need of the hour to bring them into the LIMELIGHT. Let’s understand the basic features and importance of these lights in a car.

There are several indicative lights that the car has. Some that help you and some you need to use to ensure mutual safety. Let’s have an insight into some emergency lights in a car:


Hazard Light | Car emergency lights
Hazard Light

The most significant light in a car. It has a lot of misconceptions about its use in people’s minds. This emergency light needs to be used judiciously. Many drivers tend to use it while driving during heavy rainfalls, fog, tunnels, dark areas, and many more. All of them are the most common blunders perform by many. However, these lights are meant to use when one parks his car in case of emergencies besides a highway, maybe for technical reasons like a tyre puncture. To be precise, these emergency lights are to be used when your car is stationary due to intrusive situations.

Hazard indicators work as a symbol of an unmoving car that can help others to identify the still car and find a way to their route. This avoids haphazard driving patterns and confusion. Keeping them on while the car is in motion leads to confusion for other drivers and they may not be able to predict your next move which in turn may lead to remorseful accidents. All such unidentified mistakes ultimately result in the loss of life. 

Some advanced car companies provide sensors that automatically sense whether to put up the hazard light on or off. However, in most cars, it’s still a manual phenomenon. To switch on the hazard light, one must press the red triangular symbol present on the car desktop. The turn-on lights appear red-orangish in color. Such a color is more captivating and it drags a person’s attention quickly. One will easily sense an emergency and lend you a helping hand in times of difficulty. Other than this, if it’s a trivial matter like a tyre puncture and you are changing it, the passer-by vehicles can make their way out. This prevents confusion, avoids accidents, and thereby ensures safety. Many car companies also provide a triangular red-orangish symbol board which can be put up too in case of emergencies.


Oil Indicator Light | car emergency lights
Oil Indicator Light

Fuel is the driving force of the car. It’s the food that keeps the car going. Human intelligence is ingrain in the car and thus it pays back to us the touch of care. When the oil indicator light pops up on the car desktop it indicates to pay attention to the low pressure of oil. It signals the problem that the car is facing so that will not have to face any. It warns you before any upcoming untowardness. There may be several reasons for it, like:

  • Oil is less, needs to be refilled.
  • needs maintenance, if oil has turned dirty.
  • Oil is leaking, give it a check.


Battery check light | car emergency light
Battery check light

The battery is the powerhouse. When the alternator fails to charge up the battery, the emergency light signals that the charge isn’t happening, look into the matter.


Engine Lights
Engine Lights

This might shed light on the need of viewing your engine’s condition for smooth functioning.


Temperature Warning Light
Temperature Warning Light

This emergency light points out the overheating of the engine. It asks for a cooling agent to neutralize the excess heating to cure the engine damage.


Handbrake Light | Car emergency Lights
Handbrake Light

It is also known as an emergency handbrake or parking brake. It throws light on the understanding of releasing the engaged brakes before you start your drive. 


Service Vehicle Light
Service Vehicle Light

This brings to your notice the car’s demand to get itself serviced by filling in all the gaps and rejuvenate it.


Seatbelt Light | Car emergency Lights
Seatbelt Light

‘PUT ON YOUR SEATBELT.’ It indicates you must follow protocol while driving.

These are few lights we had a glance about and there are more that can be added to the list.

EMERGENCY LIGHTS provide ease of driving and develop a sense of reliability and security. A person seeks the well-being of all the loved ones and the people around him. Safeguarding welfare is all that these emergency lights do for you. Sensing, indicating, and protecting lives is an eminent role played by all such lights and they have proved to be a boon. Understanding their crucial role is essential. 

So, bring all these emergency lights into the LIMELIGHT and spread awareness.

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