10 Things you should know If stopped By the Traffic Police

So, everyone of us somehow at least once, stop by the traffic police. Did you know why they stopped you? The traffic cops in our country as villains or someone who are against our freedom but it is not so! While all they are trying to do is protect your life basically and avoid any untoward accidents. 

They are doing their job maybe you should do a bit of homework yourself too.

You should always be aware of the rights you have when a traffic cop has stopped you. Don’t just cry and handling over your phone to the traffic police. You should realise that you might have done some mistake unknowingly.

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The 10 things you should keep in mind when the traffic police stopped you, as follows: 

  1. Ask for identification: 

When the traffic police pull you over to present, you can always ask his/her identity. If the traffic cop refuses to present their identity to you, you can refuse them to produce your documents.

  1. Present your driving license: 

According to section 130 of the Motor Vehicles Act when a police officer asks you for the documents, you need to present your license at that movement. The choice of handling over the rest of the documents is completely at your own will.

  1. Receipt against the confiscation of driving license:

If the traffic police decide to confiscate your licence, then make sure that you are being handed over a valid receipt issued by the traffic police department against your license.

  1. Cannot tow the car with a person inside:

The traffic police cannot tow your car away if a human being is sitting inside the car. As long as someone is sitting inside the car, it cannot be towed away.

  1. File a complaint in case of harassment:

If you feel that the traffic police do not treated you properly then you can file an online complaint about the incident online or at nearest police station, explaining about the incident.

  1. Challan book or an e-challan generator:

A traffic police can only issue challan when they are carrying a government-issued challan book or E-challan machine with them.

  1. On the spot fine and payment:

In case the police officer at the scene of the incident is of the rank of sub-inspector or above you can pay off the challan at the spot.

  1. Cannot force you out of the vehicle:

A police officer can never force you to get out of the vehicle or take your keys off the ignition forcefully.

  1. Don’t be nervous or agitated:

Try to explain to the officer what really happened and apologize for any misunderstandings if required.

  1. Adhere to the rules:

If there is a rule it had to be followed, no exceptions. Make sure you try to look at it with this perspective.

These are the 10 things you should know about when you stopped by traffic police. 



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