Bad habits that will destroy your car clutch

Today’s topic is all about the car clutch, when we go through traffic we use the car’s components such as brake & clutch most of the time. This may wreak your car’s clutch. The clutch can suffer the way we drive a car. To prevent this damage we have to take some precautions before.

Following are the habits you shouldn’t do to your car’s clutch.

Putting the car in gear at a stoplight

When your car is standing at a stoplight make sure that you put your car’s gear on neutral. Do not engage with your clutch pedal when your car is in rest mode.

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Resting your hand on the gear lever

This is another bad habit, we having the habit of putting our hands on the gear lever while driving. It puts pressure on the gear forks which leads to an expensive repair. You should avoid this habit & don’t play with the gear lever while driving or resting in the car.

Lugging the engine at low speeds

Lugging means you put extra pressure on your car while accelerating. It is not a good idea to put the gear higher & driving slowly. The gear and speed that gives you the best mileage are 60kmph in 4th gear. 

Changing the gear slowly

When you change the gear while driving, make sure you change the gear quickly & not linger with the clutch pedal. This is a bad habit to change the gear slowly. It put a great impact on the gear.

Riding the clutch

Make sure you do not ride the clutch unnecessarily. When you changing the gears that time only you press the clutch. A slight pressure on the clutch can cause the gear as well.

So, please keep these things on your mind while using them. To avoid such things will make your car more reliable and flexible to work.



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