Car Coating – Teflon Vs Ceramic! Which one is best?

What is car coating?

When we apply any liquid coating to cover the surface of the car is known as car coating.

We all want our car to look good, attractive & shiny. Therefore, we take care of our car by applying coating on it. No one wants their car to look bad and also we hate to see any scratch on it.

There are two types of coating as follows:

  1. Teflon coating
  2. Ceramic coating
  • Teflon coating 

Teflon coating gives a shine to your car surface. It is also known as a paint protective coating. We use Teflon in many household things like non-stick pan, non-stick cookware & many more. 

The Teflon coating can last for 6 to 8 months. It protect your car from rusting & it’s thickness is about 0.2microns. 

It is good to protect your car from the environmental impacts as well as from rust. 

  • Ceramic coating 

Like a Teflon, it also protects your car from rust, dirt & from grime.

Calgary,Ceramic Pro, Car-Pro C-quartz are some of the Ceramic Brands.

It is a long-lasting coating and it protects the paint on the car. Ceramic coating turns the old vehicle to look new. It never damage throughout the life spam of your vehicle. The Ceramic coating is 2 microns over the paint & the cost of coating is up to Rs. 20,000 or even higher.

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Which one is better?

Both Teflon and Ceramic coating gives good protection but Teflon is less costly according to Ceramic. Ceramic coating is a long-last protection coating & is better than Teflon. The durability of Teflon is less than the Ceramic. 

So, if you don’t have any money issue you can go for Ceramic Coating. Do let us know which one do you prefer.



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