CNG Car Maintenance Guide for the Long Run

With the rising prices of petrol and diesel, Compressed Natural Gas or CNG-run eco-friendly cars are on the rise. CNG, also called the ‘clean fuel’ is cheaper than petrol. But it has its limitations too. CNG cars require more maintenance than petrol or diesel cars. CNG car maintenance is something that many people neglect or are unaware of but this is very important to enhance car performance. Read on to find the best CNG car maintenance tips. 

CNG Filling | CNG Maintenance Tips

Why CNG?

CNG offers a number of benefits to cars and the environment. It is ‘Green Fuel’, sulfur-free, lead-free, non-corrosive, and reduces harmful emissions. Stored in high gauge seamless cylinders which are certified with a negligible chance of leakage, it is a safe option. Unlike petrol and diesel, CNG has a high auto-ignition temperature. Thus, it does not catch fire on its own. It is a cheaper alternative to non-renewable petroleum products.  

Why is CNG car Maintenance Important?

CNG is highly combustible and even a little leakage can lead to accidents. Also, the lesser power is another drawback that leads to wear and tear of the engine parts. 

This is where maintenance comes into play. The solution for this lesser power is regular CNG car maintenance. 

Also, it is best to go for Sequential rather than Conventional CNG Kit (Closed Loop, Open Loop) for better performance of the CNG car. Sequential CNG kits are relatively more expensive than Conventional kits. But the cost will be covered easily if you are planning on using CNG for long. 

CNG Cylinder

CNG Car Maintenance Tips

  1. Renewal of CNG compliance plate-

 You must get the CNG checked every three years and get a renewal for the validity of your CNG. It is a legal requirement. You can get your Renewal from a nearby CNG testing facility. This is really important because the checkups will reveal any kind of problems with the CNG that can hinder your car from achieving great performance. 

2. CNG cylinder check- 

check the CNG cylinder for any leaks. Though the CNG cylinder is designed to sustain the shocks and vibrations, it is better to stay alert and regularly check the cylinder for leaks. In case there is a leak, visible or audible, stop your car, turn off the engine, get out of the vehicle and contact your nearest CNG vehicle maintenance facility to deal with it. Do not try to drive the car on petrol in such condition. 

3. Auto fuel mode

CNG has a high ignition temperature. As a result, if you start driving with CNG mode on, the engine’s condition will deteriorate due to wear and tear. It is best to keep the auto mode on when you start driving. In auto mode, the engine starts in petrol mode. Later, it automatically switches to CNG mode after reaching a certain optimum temperature. Auto mode helps to achieve the best performance and also protects the engine from unnecessary friction. This is a really important tip for CNG car maintenance. 

4. Park car in the shade

 The CNG evaporates quicker than petrol and diesel. Therefore, you should park your car in the shade to avoid such conditions that can lead to mishaps. It is a really important car maintenance tip that will even protect you from driving in a hot car cabinet. 

5. Air filter

You should change air filters after every 5000 km of travel. Dirty air filters can decrease the efficiency of a car. Therefore to ensure good performance, it is necessary.

6. Spark plugs

 You should change the spark plugs after every 10,000 km of travel. The spark plugs needed for CNG are different as the gap between the spark source and metallic tip is shorter. Make sure that you have the right kind of Spark plugs in place for CNG.   

7. Throttle body

 The throttle body is a valve connecting the car’s air filter with the intake. Clean the throttle body when you check the air filter after every 10,000 km. 

8. CNG filters replacement

Also known as filter cartridges, the CNG filters should be replaced every 40,000 km and 20,000 km respectively.   

Also, visit the nearest servicing center regularly and get your CNG vehicle checked. Regular care and maintenance are the keys to keeping your CNG car in a great performance. 

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