DCT vs CVT vs AMT | Which one is the best Transmission?

A transmission is a machine in a power transmission system, which provides controlled application of power. There are different types of transmission in the car. We will help you to find the best & suitable for you.

There are three types of automatic car transmission: 

  1. Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT):

DCT take the case of 6 gears. It has two clutches that control even and odd gear ratio with the first one getting an odd set of gear. It also has two transmission shaft that control those gear ratios which are already divided the odd one being inside the even and longer.

The advantages of DCT are the driver comfort and efficiency. The gear switch is so smooth and you will not feel a jerk while changing gears. DCT is also the fastest and is used in high-end cars and racing cars. There are no breaks in transmission and also has better efficiency.

  1. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT):

CVT is consider as a bad transmission by the most motorheads. Why? Because it doesn’t give any output. When the speed increases, that movement you shaft the gear and when RPM is just right and it makes the sound. If you like those things and haven’t driven a CVT, you will hate it too.

It has a pully system, which makes it have an infinite gear ratio which allow it to have the best efficiency in the automatic transmission systems better than DCT.

  1. Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT):

Last, but not the least, AMT is the most successful automatic transmission system in India. Maruti Suzuki sold over 6 lakh cars that were equipped with AMT. 

Does it mean it’s the best among all? Actually not, it is one of the weaker systems and the only advantage it has over others is that it is cheaper. So, what does it have over others that make it cheaper?

Pressing a clutch disengages the engine from transmission allowing for a gear change and this process happens every time you change speed. Different gear ratios are changed accordingly.

Which one is the best among all?

DCT is best among all the transmission mentioned above. It is costlier and high-end cars have it but it’s well worth it if you crave speed and smooth rides with a bit of fuel efficiency sprinkled in. is it worth the cost? The answer is “Yes”.

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What should you choose?

  • CVT has better efficiency than other two system. With almost no delay in gear shift and less moving parts with almost no downtime. It is a good choice some people might not like it as they require the car giving an output while they are driving to fully enjoy the experience.
  • If you want the feel of gears changing and getting an output from the car and quick acceleration DCT is better than the rest. It also has decent efficiency.
  • AMT is a good choice and is easily available as more of the entry-level cars have it and is cheaper compared to DCT and CVT. Not as smooth as CVT and as fast as DCT it still has its uses.

Hence, every transmission has its own advantages and disadvantages. I hope we will able to understands you how all of these works. Now you have to choose which one good for you according to the price level or efficiency level. 

Take a better and informed decision while selecting the transmission, will you?



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