Difference: Turbocharged and Naturally Aspirated Engine

Today’s topic is all about the Turbocharged and Naturally Aspirated Car Engine. These are the engine we use in our cars. Yes! Without an engine, there is no car. The engine is the essential part of all components. Without an engine, the car is nothing but a showpiece. It plays a vital role in running a car.  

Before we talk about its differentiation, let us know about them separately. 

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Turbo-charged engine:

Turbo-charger also known as Turbo, increases an internal combustion engine’s power output by forcing compressed air into the combustion chamber.

It is also used in huge vehicles like truck, aircraft, train etc. The turbo-engine is made up of two blades, a Turbine and a Compressor. These blades work together and perform better to the vehicle.

Naturally Aspirated (NA) engine:

NA engine also known as a Non-turbocharged engine is an internal combustion engine that intakes the air depending on atmospheric pressure & does not force induction through a turbocharger.

This engine known for Naturally Aspirated engine because it enters the natural air to the engine.

Differentiate Turbocharged and Naturally Aspirated Engine:

  • In the first stroke in a Turbocharged engine, the air is sent with pressure into the cylinder.
  • The naturally aspirated engines are more reliable than the turbo engine. Because it takes fresh clean new air inside it, every time. 
  • The turbo uses the pre-used gases inside it which is really stressful and because of this, it increases the maintenance cost.
  • According to the turbo engine, the NA engines are always longer in life expectancy.

These are the few differentiation about the Turbo & NA Engines.

I hope it clears which one is better for your car.



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