Engine Overheating: Be Cautious, Avoid Explosion

Have you ever experienced the time when your car got overheated, and you feel like, Oh my God! It’s going to explode, and I will be dead soon because a scene from that Bollywood movie just haunted your already panicked mind. Well, such circumstances often occur, and the first rule to tackle any problem is- to not panic. Especially, when you are encountering trouble with your car. Let’s make it a little bit easier for you to troubleshoot this alarming situation of engine overheating. Here are few points that can help you to avoid danger.  

Engine Overheating: Stop Driving The Car, Park It: 

Engine Overheating: Stop Driving The Car, Park It

It is suggested to stop driving and park the car as soon you realize that the engine is overheating. You might be stuck in traffic and your car heating more with the process of accelerating and braking. Keep calm and turn the car on neutral. Try, that it is not steered more than a quarter while overheating because it may lead to severe damage to the engine

Cool Off The Engine: 

Now, when you have finally managed to park the car safely, it is time to help the engine to cool off. It is a good idea to turn off the A/C and ease the load of heaviness from the engine. Yes, that’s correct. If you turn off the A/C it will at least reduce a little burden from the car engine. Along with this, turning on the heater and opening the windows will also help to blow off the excess heat because the internal heat will come out in this way.  

Open The Hood; Only If Comfortable: 

Open the hood: Only If Comfortable

Again, opening the hood is to release the heat of the engine. It is not recommended to open the hood if you aren’t comfortable because if there is any pressure from inside, the engine might spout the boiling water from the coolant. That also comes without prior warning. So, you need to be cautious and not get hurt while trying to solve the overheating problem of your car.  

Engine Overheating- Give First Aid To The Coolant: 

The overheating problem of the car mostly occurs due to the problems in the coolant. Check if there’s any leak in the coolant. Please don’t remove the cap of the coolant in any case because it is hazardous. Hence, if you find out any problem with the coolant then approach the mechanic, because this risky job must be done by the professional service provider only. 

Don’t try any experiments with the car engine. In this case, you might put yourself and others in grave danger. These points are to give first aid to your car engine. In the end, you will have to take the car to the mechanic. So, avoid giving any further damage to the engine from your side. Stay safe! 

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