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A car is not just a mode of transport but also has a plethora of emotions stored within it. The memories that the people make while driving it. Though with time things perish yet it is just memories that keep them alive. Fiesta car developed by the leading automobile brand Ford is no longer available in the market but its legacy continues.

Ford Fiesta is a passenger car which the European division of Ford manufactured since 1976. Ford has managed to take out the seven generations of the FIESTA; till its production was stopped after the release of the 2019 model.

Ford Fiesta
Ford Fiesta


The first generation of fiesta car FIESTA MARK I, was first built in 1976 in Cologne, Germany.

 Fiesta car’s first-generation model had the following features:

  • It had crash dynamics and fuel system integrity in a better provision; as compared to other cars of its caliber at that time.
  • The provision of an optional air conditioning system which was unavailable in Europe; at that time also made it distinguishable from others. 

Ford Fiesta released its second-generation car FIESTA MARK II in 1983. It had the following features:

  • It was provided with a dashboard and a large body kit giving this passenger car an exquisite look.
  • Its five-speed gearbox made it a top passenger car in Europe despite facing competition from premium cars such as Volkswagen Polo, Nissan Micra, and Toyota Scarlet.

Ford Fiesta released its third generation of car FIESTA MARK III for sale in 1989. It had the following features:

  • With its codename of BE-13, it had a new platform ditching the old model’s car beam rear axle for a semi-independent torsion beam arrangement.
  • Its changed exterior made it suitable for the changing times.
Ford Fiesta released its fourth-generation car FIESTA MARK IV in 1995.

It was codenamed BE-91. With its new interiors and elegant exterior styling. It was Britain’s best-selling car from 1996 to 1998.

Ford Fiesta released its fifth-generation car, FIESTA MARK V in 2002. It was the first fiesta car to unlock the ANTI BRAKE LOCKING SYSTEM (ABS) which prevents the user from locking up the brakes. This system ensures the stopping of axles and wheels themselves when sudden brakes are applied, thus reducing the chance of skidding. Further, it was again the first Ford Fiesta model to provide driver seat airbags.

Ford Fiesta released its sixth-generation car FIESTA MARK VI in 2008. It was known as FIESTA MARK VII in the UK. The model was developed based on Ford’s new car policy which aimed to manufacture single models of the car which were to be sold globally instead of regional manufacturing. This was done to achieve efficiency in the working of the car and increase the economic sales.

Ford Fiesta released its seventh-generation car in 2018. It was the last of the car before Ford decided to give the exposure to the other ford models such as EcoSport. Nonetheless, the last generation car was bigger, safer, more efficient, and upmarket as compared to the previous generations.

 Ford Fiesta dashboard
Ford Fiesta dashboard

Price of Ford Fiesta Car

Ford Fiesta’s price started from 9.57 lakhs and went as high up to 11.04 lakhs as of the year 2014- 16. The Diesel car had three versions, Ambient Diesel, Trend Diesel, and Titanium Diesel according to which the price varied.


The manual Petrol variant of the car with the 1499 cc engine gave a mileage of 17 kmpl. While the diesel variant of Ford Fiesta with a 1498 cc engine gave a mileage of 25 kmpl. The average provided by the Ford Fiesta Car is also the same. There are many doubts about the difference between the terms MILEAGE and AVERAGE of a car which will be cleared in the next paragraph.

Mileage is the distance which a car covers in 1 liter of petrol when the vehicle runs at a constant speed on a smooth road. Whereas, the average is the distance which the car covers in 1 liter of petrol under no specified conditions. Also, the average given of a car depends on driving and car maintenance. Less the wear and tear of the car more will be the average it gives.

Ford Fiesta Interior
Ford Fiesta Interior

Features of Ford Fiesta Car

Below are some features which the car exhibited while it was still on the market:

  • With a boot space of 430 L and a seating capacity of 5, Ford Fiesta also gave a rear seat headrest and armrests. it was thus a perfect mix of comfort and spacious design.
  • The provision of an adjustable power steering with front and rear power windows made driving fun.
  • The remote fuel lid opener and trunk opener gave it a technical outlook.
  • Its adjustable Headlights, Rear Window Defogger, and Wheel Covers gave a user-friendly exterior to the car.
  • The provision of the ABS, child safety locks, power door locks, and front and rear impact beams ensures the safety of passengers.
  • Further, the car came with the latest systems such as the Anti-theft system, defending it from outer threats.

 The above blog provides an insight into one of the best sedans of its times- THE FORD FIESTA.

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