How to get the Maximum Cooling from your Car AC?

The car AC is the most important feature even done in automotive space. We require a car’s AC, especially in summers because there are high levels of heat in most of the cities in India. 

Car AC are really necessary but how to get the maximum cooling from your car’s AC?

Here, we have different tricks and hacks that will help you extract maximum cooling from your car’s air conditioner. Most of us think that AC’s cooling depends only upon the service or maintenance of the equipment and the parts, it is not always right!

But, the amount of cooling is depending upon the habits that you follow in your daily routine inside your car.

  1. Park in shade

In summer days park your car in shade, this is the best method to keep your car cool. As you don’t want to worry about the sun heating your car up while you are away. 

Parking in shade gives you an added advantage with your car’s paint and you can avoid them all by simply parking your car in the shade.

  1. Ventilate the car

When you reach your car after it has been parked under the sun for long then before you start driving, you must properly ventilate the car’s cabin. The hot air that has built up while you are away, needs to be eliminated before you start driving again. If not, then you have to struggle before you get comfortable in the cabin.

  1. Slow and steady wins the race

Turning the AC On at the minimum speed will help you get better cooling. You already know that the temperature inside the vehicles is higher than the outside temperature.

If you set the blower to the maximum speed then the AC will force the machine to take air from the passenger’s cabin. So, remember, start at the minimum speed.

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  1.  Use the recirculation mode

Turn on the recirculation mode, once the AC starts blowing cool air. This means, the AC system won’t pull the outside air and will use the air already present inside the cabin. This will help the system to cool the cabin down without putting in the extra effort.

  1. Use your car’s AC everyday 

Make sure you make your car’s AC work for about 10-15 minutes every week even if it’s not in use. The vent and other vents will remain to function well if this practice is followed. This way you will keep your car’s AC last long!

This was all about how you can extract maximum cooling from your car’s AC. These tips & tricks were to make sure that you enjoy a comfortable ride on the summer days.

If you change certain things about your driving & parking habits, your car’s AC can definitely perform better.

So, are you follow all those tips?



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