How to remove fog from car’s Windshield – Tips to Defog car During Rain

The fog occurs when the cool air in contact with the hot air. The fog that taken place on the windshield can create your driving in a dangerous situation. You need to clean your car’s windshield in proper ways.
Car’s Windshield is mostly used in rainy season & it is also necessary to wipe the water away from the Windshield and keep the glass clean to visual the things in front of the car.
So, there are the things by which you can remove the fog from the windshield.

Open the windows

When you find out the car windows are fogging up, open the windows & allow the fresh air into the car. It will keep your windows fog-free. As it is the easiest method to get rid of it.

Turn on the Windshield wiper

If you found any fog on the windshield turn on the wiper to wipe the fog on the windshield of your car. If the windshield is dry and the fog is unable to clean, spray the water on it & use the wiper well on it. Hence, it leads to clean the glass.

Recirculate the Air

It is the easiest way to defog your windshield at a cool temperature. The fresh air mode button is located on the dashboard of your car. When you turn it on the fresh air pulls in & it balances the temperature. The fog on your windshield will disappear automatically.

The Defrost Vents

On the dashboard of your car, there is a defroster that having a vent. The vents operate the heating air conditioning & use to take the coolest climates. The temperature on the surrounding can reduce the fog on the windshield.
I hope you follow all these tips to reduce the fog on the windshield of your car.



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