A clear sky, beautiful green pastures on either side of the road, and a long drive with the family. A perfect getaway from the hectic city life isn’t it? What better way to enjoy peaceful bliss than to be surrounded by the people you love’ it can be the entire family or the friend circle. To accommodate many people together on a journey becomes challenging which leads to the cancellation of many plans before they are even executed. Mahindra with its other elegant beauty MAHINDRA XUV500 puts closure to this problem of yours.

Mahindra XUV500 is designed in a way that it can accommodate all your closed ones easily, without letting anyone compromise on their comfort. They say a car is a silhouette of memories that are cherished for generations to come. Mahindra has made sure that its 7-seater XUV500 plays the perfect role in making you cherish your memories with its advanced features. Its 70L fuel tank capacity ensures comfortable long journeys without any fuel hassle. Further, it is available in both manual and automatic modes. This blog will give you all the details you should know in case you are planning to buy this luxurious SUV.

Mahindra XUV500 Dashboard
Mahindra XUV500 Dashboard


  • XUV500 has a 2.2L powerful mHawk engine and is available in both petrol and diesel variants in the market. Its diesel variant delivers a terrific power of 114 kW and an impressive torque of 360 Nm @1750 – 2800 r/min. while its petrol variant also delivers an equally good power of 103kW with a torque of 320 Nm@2000- 3000 r/min.
  • Further, its automatic variant has a 6-speed transmission gearbox which ensures effortless shifting of gears and is easy to use especially in heavy traffics. The manual mode model of the SUV has a 6-speed synchromesh gearbox. Due to the use of helical gears in the gearboxes, the synchromesh gearbox emits less noise and vibration.
  • Mahindra XUV500’s gaudy foglamp bezels are available in three attractive colors namely black, silver-painted, and chrome. It also has elegant front grille inserts available in silver chrome colors depending upon the model. The tailgate applique of the car available in black and chrome colors adds to the classy sporty look of the car along with the previous two accessories.
  • The car ensures the safety of the passengers by providing 6 airbags, an emergency call system alongside impact cushioned beams. It also provides ANTI BRAKE LOCKING SYSTEM (ABS) preventing the locking of brakes when sudden brakes are applied, hence reducing the chances of skidding of the car. Further, the equipment of tubeless tyres , front fog lamps make it perfect to head out in any type of weather and any terrain.
  • The premium fabric and leather upholstery of the car gives its interiors a classy sporty look as well. Electric sunroof, 18-inch color touch infotainment screen with GPS navigation and USB, Bluetooth facilities adds to the excitement which the car offers. Moreover, it fulfills all the technical requirements of the passengers as well as provides them with entertainment.
 Mahindra XUV500 Interior
Mahindra XUV500 Interior


Mahindra XUV500’s price in India starts from 17.2 lakhs and goes as high up to 24.4 lakhs. The mentioned are the road price of the SUV which is different from the actual showroom price of 14.2 lakhs.

Following is the breakup of the road price to make you understand the reason behind the hike from the showroom price:

  Ex-Showroom Price Rs.14,22,850 
   RTO Registration  Rs.1,83,886
  Insurance  Rs.94,532
   Other Charges  Rs.25,318
 TOTAL                          Rs. 17,26,586
Mahindra XUV500
Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra XUV500 Mileage

Its 2179 cc diesel engine gives a mileage of about 15.1 kmpl which indicates its good fuel economy.

Mahindra XUV500 colors

The SUV is available in 6 different colors namely:

  • Crimson Red
  • Mystic Copper
  • Volcano Black
  • Lake Side Brown
  • Pearl White
  • Moondust Silver

Mahindra XUV500 2021 new model

The new model of Mahindra XUV500 which was released around July this year has the following revamped features:

  • The showroom price of the SUV is at 14 lakhs. Moreover, it is the more powerful version of Mahindra Thar’s 2L petrol engine and 2.2L diesel engine.
  • The introduction of more technologically advanced features includes a powered driving seat with a memory seat and digital dials. The introduction of the twin-screen Infotainment system makes it stand equal to Mercedes in this aspect.
  • The newer version has a cleaner and more modern look with Tesla Esque flush fitting handles for doors. Its dual-tone paint system of the interiors of the car makes the interiors more enticing as well.

The above-modernized features make MAHINDRA XUV500 stand in competition with TATA SAFARI and MG HECTOR.

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