Maruti Suzuki Eeco Features, Price, and Specification 2021

Are you looking for something that can accommodate more than 5 people? Also, give the same amount of comfort as a five-seater car? Moreover, you want it at the price of a car. This may seem a bit idealistic to your rational self too. But what if is it true? Ample amount of space, comfort and affordable price all rolled into one. Here is MARUTI SUZUKI EECO to fulfill all of these wishes of yours.

Maruti Suzuki Eeco is the one special gift given by Maruti Suzuki, which brings us style and comfort. With its contemporary designs and ample space, it’s worth a family ride. The Eeco can seat up to 7 people. 

Eeco doesn’t have real competition in the Indian market. Maruti Suzuki Eeco with its powerful 1196 cc BS6 compliant engine makes every journey beautiful and delightful. Eeco is available in four variants- standard, 5-seater standard, 5-seater AC, 5-seater AC CNG, and 7-seater standard. 


Eeco is available in petrol as well as CNG fuel types. The price of Maruti Suzuki Eeco ranges from Rs 4.08 – 5.29 Lakh. The petrol variant of the Eeco in 7 seater form is available at around Rs 5.22 Lakh. While the CNG variant of the Eeco in 5 seater form is available at around Rs 6.50 Lakh.


Maruti Eeco’s full length is 3675 mm, full width is 1475 mm, and full height is 1825 mm. Further, Eeco has a wheelbase of 2350 mm, a front tread of 1280mm, and a rear tread of 1290 mm. Moreover, it gives a minimum turning radius of 4.5m. Also, it has a kerb weight of ( petrol) 940 kg.

Tank capacity and engine specifications of MARUTI SUZUKI EECO

 Maruti Eeco Engine type is G12B. It has a tank capacity of 40 L. The max power of Eeco is 54 kW@ 6000rpm. And maximum torque is 98 Nm@ 3000 rpm. The fuel efficiency of the Maruti Suzuki Eeco is 16.11 km/l. 

Moreover, the regulation system of Eeco is amazing. 


Eeco gives a mileage of 16 to 21 km depending upon its fuel type. The average for Maruti Suzuki Eeco is also the same. Now there is a lot of confusion about the terms MILEAGE and AVERAGE. Why is it that there are two different words while the meaning that they convey is the same.? Technically, there is a slight difference in both terms. While the term MILEAGE talks about the distance covered by a car at constant speed in 1 liter of fuel. The term AVERAGE talk about the distance covered by a car in 1 liter of fuel. Speed doesn’t need to be constant while calculating the average.

Since in India it is difficult to attain a constant speed for more than a few seconds due to road conditions and traffic. We use the term Average here.


Eeco is available in five vibrant colors which just add to its looks. The colors are:

  • Solid white
  • Pearl midnight black
  • Metallic glistening grey
  • Metallic silky silver
  • Cerulean blue  


      Features of Eeco are as comfortable as Eeco. 

  • Eeco comes equipped with a heater that helps maintain a warm temperature in chilly weather. 
  • Further, it has a sliding driving seat which eases the movement in and out of the car. It also provides comfort to the driver. As the driver can adjust the space between the seat and steering according to its comfort.
  • Moreover, it has reclining front seats which allow passengers at back to easily leave and enter the car. 
  • Also, it has an Integrated headrest- Front Row
  • In addition to this, The Interior of Eeco has good color, side sun visor, and molded roof lining. Further, it also has a rear cabin lamp, and a front cabin lamp. This helps in lighting the cabin at all times of the day. Not just this Eeco even has molded floor carpet and Assist Grip (Co-driver +Rear). 

The Exterior of Maruti Eeco has Front Mudflaps, a Wheel cover, outside rear-view mirror on both left and right. Apart from this Eeco have a Multi-trip meter, 12 Volt accessory socket, and Digital meter cluster. 


  • Eeco is family-friendly. It always takes care of you and your family. Maruti Eeco has Headlamp leveling, Side Impact beams, Seat Belts for all seats, High Mount Stop Lamp, and even a child lock for the sliding door and windows. 
  • The key safety feature of Eeco is the ABS with an EBD system. ABS stands for Anti Brake locking system which prevents the locking of brakes when sudden brakes are applied. ABS works with the help of Electronic brake force distribution and brake assist features. It helps in preventing the locking of breaks and eventually the skidding of the vehicle.
  • Child lock for doors
  • Driver Airbag
  • The Reverse parking Sensor system
  • Seat Belt reminder 
  • Speed alert system

So, if you are looking for a comfortable, spacious, and family-friendly vehicle Maruti Eeco is the solution. It can also work as a transportation and taxi service. 

The maintenance of a car is equally important as well. The below link will guide you to self maintain your EECO.


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