A super-luxury car with a combination of a jeep and SUV looks with a super safety program. Here is MERCEDES G63 which makes the heads turn on the road when it arrives displaying vigor and beauty. The luxurious and very popular German car manufacturing company Mercedes launched its G class first in 1979. Nearly 40 years and many generations after, MERCEDES G63 AMG is still standing unique. With the evolution of technology, every generation displays a new variant of the G class. However, what makes it stands apart from the rest of the luxury cars is its unique body frame with those 22 inches wheels. The 5-seater car’s aura screams power in every sense.


The all-new AMG 4.0L V8 Biturbo engine gives a mileage of 6.1 kmpl. The car is available only in petrol variant. The powerful 3982 cc engine gives an output of 430 kW and a peak torque of 850 Nm. The powerful torque enhances every drive experience not only for the passengers but also for the onlookers. The speeding beast with a powerful grip screams an aura of strength when observed.


Mercedes has used technology at its fullest to make the car suitable for every type of user. whether you are a wild sporty one or a calm rider who needs music . this car offers something or the other for everyone. Mercedes G63 aims to make each ride comfortable and memorable with the eminent use of the latest technology.

  • The AMG RIDE CONTROL feature enables the driver to adjust the suspension for on-road or off-road with just a push of a button.
  • The new axle architecture of Mercedes G63 has independent front suspension and the robustness of the axle at the rear. This helps in steep mountains incline or decline.
  • The steering wheel which has a cover of Nappa leather gives a premium look. . further, the advanced button feature on the steering wheel itself makes the operation easy and smooth.
  • The electrical glass sunroof provides good light as well as ventilation to the interiors of the car. The sunroof sensor automatically tilts when it detects rain or extreme weather conditions.
  • Its stainless steel body gives a sporty powerful look to the car. Further, the stainless steel wheel at the tailgate of the cars adds to the powerful aura with its elegance.
  • The ATTENTION ASSIST feature of the car issues a warning to take a break when the sensor senses drowsiness on the driver’s part. Also, when the speed is very fast, the feature warns to slow down on a non-empty road.
  • Further, the BURMESTER SOUND SYSTEM of the car provides high-quality music. it makes the drive more enjoyable.


Its latest technology allows it to attain a speed as high as 220 km/h. The carbon fiber cover of the engine not only enhances the vehicle’s sporty performance. Also, the fiber cover provides a structured arrangement to the engine components.


The price of the Mercedes G63 varies in different cities in India. The approximate value of the latest version of G63 can be put between 2.4 Crores to 2.9 crores. This is the approximate on-road value of the car.


The interiors of Mercedes G63 AMG are exquisite. With extended contrasting topstitching, the seat cover, door center panels, tailgate are all covered with Nappa leather. The interiors of the car are available in the following premium Nappa leather colors:

  • Black
  • Classic red
  • Truffle brown
  • Macchia to beige

Further, the frameless interior glasses with air vents in silver shadow give an aesthetic feel to the interiors.


Technology takes ensures the safety of the passengers of the car. The car is well equipped with 9 airbags including rear side and knee airbags. Further, the active brake assists feature issues warning when the distance between the car and the incoming vehicle is too low. The equipment of anti-theft alarm sirens, parking collision detection siren, as well as many features, enhances the safety quotient of the car.

The Mercedes inbuilt system connects it to the user’s phone. The advanced features allow the user to find the car within a location of 1.5km. further, the GPS navigation system blare horn from the car to help the user locate it. This is useful in case you forgot the location you have parked your car in. The VALET PROTECT feature allows the user to set a geographic boundary for the car. If the car goes beyond it then the user is notified by email.


Mercedes G63 AMG is your perfect choice for a luxurious vehicle. Its latest technology will provide you with apt comfort and safety.

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