Mercedes ML Class Price, Features, and Other Specifications

Mercedes Benz is a dream car brand for most of them in this world, its luxurious exteriors and simply amazing interior have clearly given the fantasy in all our minds.  Benz is unstoppable when it comes to satisfying us with all the potential equipment in the car. The brand has been providing us with ML variants since 2008, the variants are creating a benchmark every year, giving the best comfort zone for all who travel in it. Mercedes ML class is proving why Mercedes Benz s always topping first in automobiles.

Mercedes ML Class SUV is a mid-size luxury, the size of the vehicle fits between the smaller GLC Class and the larger GLC Class and also shares unique features of.

One thing that makes the car more reliable and very effective is its features and other specifications. Therefore, ML class being the topmost selling car of Benz will definitely catch the eyes of everyone through its amazing specifications.  

Mercedes ML Class Specifications:

Through the years, Mercedes specifications have the number changed and there is more evolution from manual to automatic. Hence, the same when it comes to Mercedes ML class 2021. The evolution is quite astonishing and impeccable.

Mercedes ML Class
Mercedes ML Class


The engine comes with 2997cc with 6 cylinders which are in V shape and also the engine owns the power with 4 valves. The type of engine for Mercedes ML Class is a V6 Diesel engine. Therefore, it’s obvious that the fuel type is Diesel. 

The Maximum power (bhp@rpm) is 254bhp 3600 rpm. This Power allows the vehicle to perform well under the full thrust. The higher the figure, the higher the speed. Max Torque 619Nm@ 1600rpm. This relates to the in-gear acceleration. Here, the higher the figure, the better roll-on acceleration, some gear shifts, and fuel efficiency.

The Maximum fuel efficiency, that is, the Mileage of the Mercedes ML class is 15.26 kmpl. Cars come with different Drive configurations depending upon the segments. When it comes to the Mercedes ML class, the drivetrain is AWD (all-wheel drive).

Dimension and weight:

Mercedes ML class cars are possessing similar dimensions and weight. The length of the vehicle is 4804mm, width 2141mm with the height 1796mm and the wheelbase 2915mm

The whole weight of the car is 2175 kg.

Mercedes ML Class Capacity:

There are 5 doors and the seating capacity in the vehicle is almost 5 people, 2-row seating arrangement with 690 liters of boot space and the vehicle comes with a 70liter capacity of fuel for the car.

Mercedes ML Class Dashboard


Yes, Features are the main reason for buying the car, its style and comfortable equipment is the one that takes the vehicle to the upper level of heaven. As this world is with different people in the world, even car features have different and unique features. Moreover, Mercedes ML class features are a package of magnificent.


When it comes to safety, it does not denote inner safety and security, it also represents the exterior part of the vehicle. Mercedes ML class can assist High Beam as it has got NCAP rating, it is mandatory that all the vehicles in India should be sold with safety system, providing a beep sound that emits when that car goes beyond 80kmph and also continues the beep sound till 120kmpl.

The emergency brake light is another exterior safety protector, which notifies the vehicle which is behind to slow down quicker than the usual brake.

Interior safety is all about airbags and seatbelts. When the passenger and the driver do not wear the seatbelt, the vehicle emits a beep sound and caution the passengers to wear the seatbelts.

Mercedes ML Class Interior:

Mercedes ML Class Interior

The seats and the upholsters are made out of leather, even the steering wheels are a wrap of leather. The vehicle comes with an armrest in front. There is an option to fold the rear seat. The seats are adjustable. Mercedes ML class comes with seat pockets and side pockets to store things. 

Speaking of storage, there is a cup holder for front and rear seats which comes with a cool glove box and also a sunglass holder. The interior is not finished without amazing puddle lights ie: Ambient interior lights.

Mercedes ML Class Exterior:

Mercedes ML class owns an electrically adjustable sunroof/moonroof which is a combination of roof-mounted antenna. Yes, the vehicle owns body-color bumpers. The vehicle is finished with an exhaust chrome pipe. The headlights project with Xeon and the car comes with automatic headlamps, home lamps, tail lamps with LED lights, and also comes with cabin lights.

Therefore, the Mercedes ML class models’ price in India starts from INR.66.97 Lakh.

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