Most Important Information on Driving Rules in India

Having knowledge of driving rules is very important not only for yourself but also for others. Understanding traffic signs is fundamental. Traffic signs go about as quiet conductors of the traffic out and about. Any individual who holds a driving permit and is qualified to drive a vehicle ought to have appropriate information on traffic signs. The public authority has made it required for any individual who needs to get a driving permit to be knowledgeable with the traffic signs. In this blog, you will be gaining information on driving rules, new driving rules, the Highway Code, learner driver rule, and new driving license rules

Recorded beneath are probably the most widely recognized transit regulations that each driver should think about the country. They are additionally a portion of the standards that witness the most infringement too. 


1. Try not to Drink and Drive 

Drink and Drive | Driving Rules
Drink and Drive

A measurement uncovers that around 19 Indians are killed day by day because of tipsy driving street mishaps (source) 

According to the current law, the blood liquor limit reasonable for driving is up to 0.03%, which is identical to 30 mg of liquor for every 100 ml of blood. 

On the off chance that an individual neglects to finish this BAC assessment, he/she can be fined somewhere in the range of Rs.2000 and Rs.10000, in light of the last blood liquor limit. 

Additionally, such people may likewise be condemned to a jail term going between 7 months and four years. 

2. Continuously Own Valid Car Insurance Policy 

Valid Insurance Policy
Valid Insurance Policy

As indicated by the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, all engine vehicles in India need to have substantial insurance policy or outsider protection inclusion consistently. 

If you don’t watch out and the protection strategy slips, you could be punished for driving a vehicle without such an assurance plan. 

The traffic specialists charge a fine of Rs.2000 for a first-time frame offense of this nature. Nonetheless, rehash offenses can prompt punishments of up to Rs.4000. 

3. Wear your safety belt while driving a Car 

Wear Seat Belt | Driving Rules
Wear Seat Belt

In case you are new to driving, start getting the safety belt as the principal thing you do after entering your vehicle. Doing as such won’t just assist you with staying away from criminal traffic offenses, yet it will likewise save your life if there should be an occurrence of incidents.

In case cops find you driving without this safety belt around your midriff and chest, traffic cops can fine you up to Rs.1000 for this infringement on the spot. 

Along these lines, be a saint and wear your safety belt! 

4. Riding a Two-Wheeler without a Helmet On 

Wear Helmet | Driving Rules
Wear Helmet

One should wear a head protector consistently while riding a bike. One qualification to see here is that the law expresses that all people on a bike should put on head protectors and in addition to the driver. 

Punishments for resistance with this standard come as fines of up to Rs.1000. 

In genuine cases, traffic specialists might choose to suspend your permit for a time of as long as 90 days too. 

5. Utilizing a Mobile Phone while Riding 

Don't use phone while driving
Don’t use phone while driving

According to the new Motor Vehicle governs as a result from Oct 1, 2020, drivers can just utilize their telephones as a navigational device while on the wheel. 

In case you are utilizing the telephone in some other design while driving, prepare to pay a fine of up to Rs.5000. A one-year jail sentence additionally applies to such traffic violators. 

Get off your telephone for some time and spotlight out and about! 

6. Over Speeding 

Over speeding | Driving Rules
Over speeding

Drivers ought to never surpass the suggested speed rules on streets, as doing as such will get under the skin of traffic cops. According to a report, 66% of mishaps in 2018 were caused because of speeding on Indian streets. (Source) The fine charged for speeding changes according to the size of your vehicle, ordinarily going somewhere in the range of Rs.1000 and Rs.2000. 

7. Hopping the Red Light 

Follow Traffic Rules | Driving Rules
Follow Traffic Rules

In the event that you don’t expect to bear punishments of up to Rs.5000 and a one-year jail sentence; guarantee you adhere to the different traffic lights during a drive, regardless of whether you are in a rush. Recall the familiar axiom, ‘slow on the uptake, but still good enough.’ 

These are the absolute most fundamental transit regulations for drivers. As an individual behind the wheels, you need to follow a few others also. 

Drive safe and stick to all laws!


  • The supposition of eternality is utilize by all street clients. 
  • All wheeled vehicles will be driven as per the saying 
  • Utilization of horn 
  • Without any safety belts (which there is) driver can wear garlands of marigolds; which, obviously, ought to be kept secured consistently. 
  • Privileges of way. 


  • Should be 21 years of age 
  • Have a full driving permit (for the kind of vehicle they are overseeing in – manual or programmed); which more likely than not been held for at least three years 
  • Guarantee the vehicle is in a protected and legitimate condition 
  • Satisfy the base visual perception guidelines 
  • Guarantee the vehicle shows L Plates (or D Plates in Wales) if a student is driving 
  • Have loads of tolerance  
  • It is likewise prudent to take a driver evaluation or progressed driving course; to invigorate your own abilities and information before you begin regulating a student 
  • Guarantee that you are completely fully informed regarding the most recent release of The Highway Code 
  • Guarantee you’re not affected by liquor or medications.


A driving permit is an authority record as an officially sanctioned card, which is given by your particular state. A driving permit means that the permit holder approves to drive an engine vehicle on open streets in India. Mechanized vehicles in this regard incorporate bikes, four-wheelers, and different kinds of vehicles. 

Following are the significant elements of a driving permit you ought to know about: 

  • A driving permit conveys the name of the workplace it was made in and given from. This aids in realizing where to coordinate any further cycle or requests. 
  • It conveys a photo of the permit holder. 
  • And, It conveys a one-of-a-kind enlistment number. 
  • It conveys an elastic stamp and the mark of the official in control from the responsible office. 

An Indian driving permit additionally uses as narrative proof of individual ID. Such places incorporate government workplaces, travel booking workplaces, air terminals, bars, and so on. A driving permit is identical to different types of individual distinguishing proof; like identifications, PAN cards, Voter ID Cards, Aadhar Cards, and so on.

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