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Hugely targeted at the price-conscious, budget-friendly customers, Nissan Evalia Car is more focused on offering large a cabin and destined to take on its role as a people carrier. Nissan Evalia Car was pitted against Innova, who is undoubtedly a giant in the field of people carrying large cars. But Innova still holds the trump card as Nissan Evalia Car has focused more on practicality rather than putting more effort into winning the market with attractive and eye-catching features. At the first glance itself, you can see that the car was designed for more family-friendly buyers.

Nissan Evalia Interior

The seats of the Evaila car are comfortable and cushioned well enough to make the journey snug for long travels. High-quality fabric makes up the seats. But the front seats are a little small and even the driving seat feels inadequate. Evaila Car does not provide armrests and this can make the ride uncomfortable. The second and third seats are devoid of any head, knee, shoulder space and it is hard to stretch your legs comfortably. Evaila Car only allows the front windows can roll down and this can be difficult. 

Nissan Evalia Interiors
Nissan Evalia Interiors

But the Nissan Evalia Car has provided a lot of storage spaces like a large glove box with lid, bottle and cup holders, pockets behind the front seats, center console tray, and front power windows. The dashboard is made of durable and strong plastic and has features that include AC vents and an instrument cluster. The AC vents of the Evaila car are borrowed from Micra, which are typically mounted at either end of the dash. The Evaila car doesn’t provide climate control. The steering wheel is also an addition from Nissan’s Micra and as Evalia Car doesn’t have an integrated audio system, there are no steering-mounted controls for the music. The steering wheel is a rake, which resembles a van’s steering wheel. The gear is unusually in a position that might be hard and unusual to adjust to.

Nissan Evalia Exterior

The elegant headlights and square body undeniably scream a Japanese vision behind the design. There has been no importance on an aesthetic look or impressive design. Evaila Car mainly focuses on practicality and it feels like that the car has just rolled out a workshop that just did not care how it looked. Regarding the Indian market, the buyers stress the need for a car to look impressive as Indians place importance on aesthetics. Nissan offers a selection of metallic colors, which is similar to Micra and Sunny.

Nissan Evalia Dashboard
Nissan Evalia Dashboard

The headlights peak up their lights and the slated grille is designed with cuts that resemble a triangular cut. The massive and enlarged front bumpers and fog lights on either end (only available on the XV variant). The windshield unlike the Innova and helps in better vision during travel. Evaila Car has provided sliding doors and external rearview mirrors. They are adjustable and complete with a side blinker. The Evaila car rides on 15-inch alloy wheels and covers with 185/65 R15 sized tubeless radial tyres for a strong grip on the roads.

The rear end fit with reversing lamp and a side turn indicator. a defogger and a high-mounted stop lamp present in the windshield. The Evalia car does not have the body-on-frame construction of the Xylo and the Innova. Nissan had provided a monocoque chassis with McPherson struts at the front and leaf springs at the back, this is beneficial to the quick lane changes on the highway, especially on Indian roads. The Evalia car feels more right with a ride of maximum passengers rather than a few.


With the highly acclaimed 1.5-litre diesel engine, an improved fuel delivery system with a common rail-based direct injection system makes it more efficient in the city, with mileage reaching up to 15.8 kilometers per liter . It equips with the capacity to displace 1461cc. Evaila Car has 4 cylinders and 16-valves that use a double overhead camshaft-based valve configuration. Nissan Evalia Car delivers a power output of 85bhp at 3750rpm with a torque yield of 200Nm at 2000rpm. 

Nissan Evalia
Nissan Evalia

There are disc brakes on the front wheels, and drum brakes on the rear wheels. This braking system assists by an anti-lock braking system, electronic brake-force distribution, and brake assist. These features prevent the vehicle from skidding.

On the other hand, the rear axle is a multi-leaf spring-type assembly and the front axle is a McPherson strut assembly with coil springs. 

The Nissan Evalia XV has several features; including a power-folding second-row seat, powerful air conditioning with roof-mounted AC vents; and electrically adjustable outside rearview mirrors. The MPV comes with some essential features, including driver and front passenger airbags, an engine immobilizer with an intelligent key, tilt-adjustable power steering, door ajar warning messages shown on the instrument panel, and seat belts for all passengers.


Pricing for the Nissan Evalia starts at * 11.25 Lakh and goes up to ₹ 15.40 Lakh. Nissan Evalia on Road Price is from * 8.5 Lakh. Nissan Evalia on Road Price of Evaila XV starts at rs. 10.43 lakh with the Evaila XV option of 10.73 lakh. The prices gravitate towards the more relaxed budget and family customers. It has loaded a lot of practical amenities that make the Nissan Evalia Car a profitable buy.

Nissan Evalia Final Verdict

Nissan Evalia on Road Price is a good car; if you want a large car under a more relaxed price range. It can fit a family and can be a good budget-friendly option if you want to go for long-distance travel. Nissan Evalia on Road Price can provide a lot of practical options that will be beneficial, but the aesthetic value; will surely take a dip. The engine performance is really good and can be profitable in the long run.

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