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Driving a vehicle comes with responsibilities. We are told that driving is difficult and it can put our and someone else’s life in danger if not done right. Driving a car involves different types of processes, it could be driving, speeding or parking, etc. researchers dealing in car theories recognize that over 45% of the people who drive cars find parking the car more difficult than actually driving it. Some people find parking their cars a piece of cake but for most of us, parking is a tough nut to crack. 

There was a handful of measures that car enthusiasts in history came up with to curb this problem of parking among the majority of drivers. These days we have the facility of parking sensors. In most of the new models of cars, these are in-built. In the older versions of cars, the parking sensors were not in-built and thus installed separately to assist parking.

Parking sensors can be defined as the devices that assist drivers while parking. It is usually installed in the rear part of the car like bumpers. These sensors are hi-tech gadgets that are now making our lives simpler in a way. 

To realize the true sense of working one must have hands-on experience. Since these are installed to maintain and measure proximity they are also known as proximity sensors.

Fundamental Working of Parking Sensors

The parking sensor basically alarms with a sound wave when vehicles get too close to any other objects that are it alarms when the proximity is exceeded. Different cars come with different sensor features under their brand like Park Distance Control, Park Assist, EPS, Smart assist. The feature allows you to park your vehicle in a parking spot with more confidence. Sensors are like helping hands to us & they are gaining popularity rapidly each day.

Advantages of Parking Sensors    

  • The more car on the road, the fewer the space to park them all. But these sensors ease the task to park your vehicle in narrow areas.
  • The sensors help to reduce the blind spots around your car.
  • A parking sensor makes you a confident driver out of you
  • It reduces the chances to damage your vehicle by other nearby objects.

Types of Sensors:

On broad terms there are two types of parking sensors:

  • Ultrasonic Parking Sensors

The Ultrasonic sensors use high-frequency sound waves to detect the objects. The ultrasonic system sounds the waves & detects the reflected waves & calculates the distance from your vehicle to the object.

In other words, it works by using individual sensors mounted on the car’s bumper. These types of sensors are very accurate however dirt and grime can cause the system to fail as they are connected to the bumper.

  • Electromagnetic Parking Sensors

These sensors are used Electromagnetic frequencies to detect the object nearby your car. Without the limitations, the electromagnetic identify more types of objects. The electromagnetic sensors can be paired with the camera to help the driver to visualize his/her car and also park them well.

They are mounted inside the bumper hence they don’t have any issue getting dirt. Another plus point, with the EPS they are discreet.

List of Top 5 most liked Car Parking Sensors that are available in India: 

1. Spaiko Parking Sensors

This is an ultrasonic sensory type. This consists of 8 sensors, a digital controlling remote, and a LED display box. Spaiko produces easily installable sensors in a wide range and these sensors are very lightweight and concise to fit in any variant of vehicles especially SUV-type cars.

The price range is from Rs. 1200-Rs 1500

2. ADEPT Car Sensors

This company provides four-node sensors in one combination and a high-definition LED display along with a set of wiring and connectors to make the installation of the sensors much easier. Their ultrasonic sensory power can detect obstructions up to 2500 mm from the rear end. Its waterproof quality makes completes its list of qualities.

The price range is from Rs. 1000- Rs. 1200

3. Voyager Parking Sensors

It is a type of ultrasonic sensor. This is one of the easiest parking sensors to install and could be implanted without any professional help. It comes with 4 sensors and a LED display which can be attached to the dashboard.

The price range is from Rs. 800-Rs. 1000 

4. Auto Snap Car Reverse

These parking sensors are very compact and readily installable. They are black in color and include wiring to connect the sensors with the LED display. It is also available in larger sizes for SUVs and the no. of sensors can also be increased according to the requirement of the user. Auto Snap sensors are rain and dust protected thus these are recommended for prolonged uses.

The price range is from Rs. 500- Rs.1000 (depends on the number of sensor nodes)

5. Eagle Car Parking Sensors

This is one of the handfuls of companies that make car parking sensors in white color. It consists of 4 sensors and an LED display. It also shows the proximity distance between the rear of the car and the other vehicle/object on the screen.

The price range is from Rs. 700- Rs.1000



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