Tata Sumo Spacio Features, Price, and Specification 2021

An updated version called Tata Sumo Spacio was launched in 2000. The Sumo Spacio introduced a new 2956 cc direct injection naturally aspirated diesel engine (known as Tata 4SP with 65 horsepower) which was sourced from the light commercial vehicle Tata 407. The major changes to Sumo were in the power-train. Riding on a longer wheelbase as compared to earlier version, the Spacio used a different transmission, rear axle and tyres specifically to get better fuel economy. Apart from being a ‘No-Frills’ version, the prominent visual difference between Sumo Spacio and the old Sumo was the presence of round headlamps instead of the rectangular ones.

A soft top version of the Spacio called the Spacio ST was also introduced for rural markets. The Spacio ST was also available in 4WD version.

With the introduction of the Sumo Spacio, the previous Sumo remains in production, with higher list prices and 2.0-liter aspirated and turbo engines (since 2001). In fact, Spacio represents a cheaper version of the classic Sumo.

In early 2007 Tata Motors launched the Spacio Gold Plus. This version received the 3.0 turbocharged engine of the 4SP family and offered increased power.

1. Dimension & Capacity:

The MUV type Sumo Spacio has absolutely fits it name. its lusciously Large with a spacious seating capacity of 10. The Kerb weight of the car is 1750 Kg. Talking about Dimensions,

 Length: 4352 mm              Wheel Base: 2425 mm

Width: 1700 mm                Gross Weight: 2540 kg

Height: 1904 mm               Boot Space: 527 Liters

Sumo Spacio comes with 5-door frame with a massive boot space and a Fuel Tank of 65L which has got BS II Emission Norm.

2. Engine:

The Tata Sumo Spacio has 1 Diesel Engine of 2956 cc, available with the Manual transmission. The direct injection type engine is naturally aspirated (known as Tata 4SP with 65 horsepower). The Sumo category cars have 2.0L Peugeot XD88 I4 engine or 3.0L 4SP I4 or Dicor CR4 diesel engines. Depending upon the variant and fuel type the Sumo Spacio has a mileage of 14.3 to 14.6 kmpl.

Engine Displacement2956 cc
Engine Description3.0-litre DiCOR CR4, I4 diesel engine
Max Power66 PS@2800rpm
Max torque17.7 kgm@1600-1800rpm
Transmission5-speed Manual with Single, Dry Clutch Plate
Top Speed140 Kmph

3. Brakes & Suspension:

Tata Spacio has got powerful Disc Brake on front and Drums on the rear for a strong hold on to the road. There are two types of suspension installed in the car; Independent Suspension with Col Spring & Anti-roll Bar on the front side and the rear wheels has got Leaf Springs.

4. Comfort:

Spacio, in simple terms, would depict space, right? Well, this is what Spacio really has. Including the driver, Spacio can seat 10 people which is possible due to the longer wheelbase. The front and the middle rows have bench type seats facing the direction of motion. The rear row has two bench-type seats facing each other.

About comfort features, Spacio has got Antiglare mirror on it for a clear view of the road, it covers almost the whole car; also helps with the safety. Dash board and the Front bottle holders made a aspiring view inside with a great space for general needs like water, air-fragrant, sunglasses etc.

5. Interior:

Huge cabin with great space and a awesome 527L of boot space, Sumo Spacio is undoubtedly a great travel companion. From the Inside, it looks a bit outdated but has got a hard classic look. The Tachometer and the Fuel-Lid installed by side in a compact space in front of the driver seat. Driver’s seat is quite comfortable about the height, appropriate for most of the people with average height. Glove Compartment is also carries a big chunck of space which won’t fill easily. Also, the seats are very comfortable and Fire resistant; Tata Spacio has got Fabric upholstery gives the car a chromic look from the inside.

6. Exterior:

The face-lifted version of Spacio features external rear view mirrors. The framework of the car is amazingly hard; body comes with MUV 5-Door pattern. Radial Tyre sized 185/85 with R16 Alloy Wheels. Other easy & handy features delivered by some of the variants; like Power adjustable mirror, Rear Window Washer & Wiper, Defoggers and tinted glass. Side steppers, Wheel Covers are also there in some high-end variants.

7. Safety:

Tata Spacio is safe with its features like Child Safety Lock, Warning features and Impact Beams on both sides. Low Fuel Warning also look after the performance longevity of the car. For extra safety, The Fuel tank is mounted in the centre to reduce post-collision damage. There is adjustable seat and Passenger side rear view mirror in the Spacio. Brake Assist is mounted in some of the high-range variants.

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