Terms And Conditions Of Car Modifications

You always like to make your car in your style. But do you know there are many limitations which we need to keep in our mind while doing car modifications? So, certain regulations make car modification legal and illegal also. Is car modification illegal in India? 

So according to the Supreme Court of India in January 2019 ruled that no motor vehicle in the country can be modified or altered in such a way that makes the data about the car differ from the modified version of the car. In other languages, you cannot touch or change the structural features of the car in any manner. Any changes in the engine will be illegal.  

What Makes Car Modifications Illegal In India?
  1. Width of the tyres: This is a brainer, bigger tyres to look good on your vehicle. But increasing the width of the tyre to the extent where it protrudes the body of the car, is illegal.
  2. The loudness of the horn:  Changing the sound and loudness of the horn is a trend nowadays but the government declared certain restrictions on it, to reduce the noise pollution caused by car horns, the horns cannot be louder than 100 decibels.
  3. Tinting the windows: As per The Supreme Court Of India ruling, car window tinting is prohibited in India. The use of window tint of any VLT (Visual Light Transmission) rating on the windscreen (front and rear), side windows is illegal. Tinted windows straight from the car manufacturer are allowed with certain conditions applied.
  4. Width of alloy: Different alloys can give different looks to your tyres but modifying your alloys, where the lip of the alloy protrudes the tyre edge has been banned by the government.
  5. Width of the length of the vehicle: everyone loves to travel in a limo or other luxury car. But the fact is that not everyone can afford a limo, so they increase their car length to give the shame of limo, well it is also prohibited by the government.

But car modification is not fully restricted or prohibited in India, there is something which you can modify in the car like:

What You Can Modify Legally In The Car?
  1. Engine modification: Yes it’s true, you can modify the engine but it requires some permission from the RTO. (Regional Transport Office). It is important to follow the protocols of the RTO to avoid vehicle cancellation.
  2. Tyre modification: One can opt to change the tyres of the car within a permissible range as the car manufacturer usually offers you different types of tyres for particular car variants like a tubeless tyre or tube tyre.
  3. Minor modification: Minor fitments like door protectors, decal, rain guard, etc can be added.
  4. Colour modification: You can change the color of the vehicle. Although the only condition being that the color has to be the one that is RTO approved.
  5. Engine fuel change: You can get a CNG kit fitment in your car if it’s a petrol or diesel one.

So these are some legal conditions that you should remember while modifying the car.

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