The future of Self-driven cars in India

Self-driven cars: A New Normal

Today, the technology in the automotive world is increasing rapidly, much of the world is waking up to the electric car revolution, India herself gearing up with the next bright content-driven change.

Yet, the constant developments that burst our bubble regarding mankind’s proclivity to innovate. 

The talk surrounding Self-driven, that is, autonomous cars could not be more relevant than they are today.

The fact that robotic cars can Self navigate and drive on their own making way through various traffic turnstiles is both an enigmatic as well as highly effective idea.

Are Self-driven cars the next big step up in auto-technology? How can something that offers a whole new level of myriad benefits even carry demerits?

In the west, rational arguments are being based on the relative importance of Self-driven cars. Whether they will actually reduce the propensity of people to drive or would they actually tempt more people toward driving further?

The design component of the car may face a big challenge; whether they will become less energy efficient as different people will use these cars differently. There are also concerns that need to be addressed on the scale of emissions.

List of Self Driven Cars 2021

After knowing a little about what self-driven cars are, you must wonder, if there are any companies that make them or are self-driven cars fact or fiction? In short, yes there are many companies who are trying their hands on self-driven or automatic driving cars. But who was the first you ask? Surprisingly, the first attempt at a self-driven car was made back in 1920. It was the first time Houdina Radio Control created a prototype. And now, in 2021, we have a list of the top 5 manufacturing companies that are aiming to produce self-driven cars.

1. Tesla

Tesla Self Driven Cars

We all have heard of this car-making giant and how Elon Musk is bringing the future to the present. In the modern-day, Tesla is the only standing tall company that produces self-driven cars. And the most recent model is the Tesla S model. This comes equipped with enhanced tracking. They achieve this by including a 12-feet radar of sensory and ultrasonic detection. Further, they have included front and rear-looking cameras with a longer range. It has an in-built GPS and a fully auto-pilot mode.

2. CMU Navlab

Established in the 1980s, this car company has produced many remote-controlled cars, and further, they developed self-driven cars. The first known self-driven car which actually worked was manufactured by CMU Navlab. The most recent car by the company is Navlab 11, which is associated with Jeep Wrangler. Further, it comes equipped with a variety of other features.

3. Nissan 


Japan never fails in the race of technology and therefore Nissan is third in the world, to produce a self-driven car. In fact, it has integrated the auto-pilot mode with the electric fuel type. In other words, the car they have proposed is an Electric Vehicle (EV) with a fully automatic driving mode. Cool, isn’t it?

4. Toyota

Next in line is Toyota. Even though it has not yet produced a proper self-driving vehicle, it has brought up a concept in the same fashion. They proposed a Mobility Teammate concept of driving the vehicle. This concept suggests that the cars are our friends/close amenity, and they help us as we help them. The cars offer an automated driving experience on highways and ramps, etc.

5. Google Cars

Google Cars
Google Cars

Google is also set to develop a completely autonomous car. But the thing that makes it special is the voice recognition controls. This car is set to have a voice-controlled auto-pilot switch. It further can detect pedestrians, other cars, animals in its 5-meter gyroscopic radius. In addition, you will be able to control the vehicle using google’s toggle app, which will launch soon. 

These are few cars that are and will be able to rock the market. Since the development of self-driven cars has taken place, the automobile industry has only seen growth. This is why it is important to know the self-driven cars around us. 

What’s more?

The “Should I go for it or should I not” doesn’t end here. If it does happen that the world wakes up to the need for Robo-taxis then it should be enquired further whether that model is sustainable or fully adaptable with respect to the consumer habit! 

What do we mean here?

If the future is indeed self-driven cars, then the world would rather want to function in a more sustainable manner. This precisely means the adoption and usage of shared taxis and retracting from private ownership of autonomous cars. Not only would that fundamentally impact the environment in a way we all desire and espouse for but will prove more economical in the end.

But is it going to be that easy, after all?

If one dwells on the lines of practically then one would find that usually, more often than not, people are attached to their cars.

You would rather own a vehicle. There is got to be some reason why we even opt for used vehicles. Isn’t it? But where it comes to shared vehicles, then the concept might seem difficult to adapt to.

So, what do you think the future of Self-driven cars will look like in India?



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