5 Things To Check At The Car Service Center During Delivery

Buying a car and its maintenance is a big deal for us. Maintenance of the car is expensive that falls frequently on the shoulders of owners. Car servicing has now become a must to do the job. It is important to service your car to a reliable service station confirming authentic servicing. As we like to keep things neat and clean and maintain them with the utmost care, cars need to be taken care of and serviced properly noticing all necessary points that we observe on day to day basis. Here are some key points to check at the car service center during car delivery.

1. Job sheet

Filling a job sheet is mandatory wherever you go for servicing. It is a communication medium between you and the mechanic or service advisor. Check and confirm the car and sheet while taking the delivery just to make sure that everything has been attended to and therefore the said corrections have been done. check the parts that are needed to be repaired or replaced.

2. Fuel and engine oil

Do check fuel level after receiving the delivery and confirm no misuse has taken place. Check earlier fuel level and note down by service advisors. 

Engine oil is vital part of car. Make sure oil and oil filter is changed. Observe the color of oil. Fresh oil is clean and lighter that used engine oil.

3. Belongings / tool kit

You should remove the tool kit and other personal belongings from the car before giving them for service. An alternative is that you can ask the service advisor to mention the things in the car on the Job sheet to ensure that it does not get misplaced. Also, ensure that the spare wheel and other accessories are intact while receiving the car.

4. Itemized bill

You get an itemized bill after your car servicing. Check if items and work done are properly mentioned and charges are being taken for that service only. Check the price of items quoted to you. Check engine oil top-up and see if there are no extras for replacement.

5. Time for a test drive!

To see if the job is done rightly, go for a test drive with the service advisor. Check the brakes, clutch, clutch pads, air conditioner making car cooler, etc that are meant to be serviced and extra mentioning of car servicing at your end, if properly done. There is no point in being unsatisfied after you leave the service station.

Likewise, check if the car is cleaned and ready to be brought home. Pay only after a keen inspection of minute details of car servicing. Do not rush and pay. These were few tips to see what is expected to examine during car delivery from the service station.

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