Tools Which Are Essential In The Car

Tools which are essential in the car which can be used in emergencies like, a fire broke out, accident, tier puncher, and other emergencies. They might help us during those odd times.

First Aid Kit 

This kit is something which usage time shouldn’t come in any person’s life but still its very important because it is lifesaver equipment and can be used in uncertain circumstances like car accidents, or someone is injured. Always keep a First Aid Pouch ready in your car with Antiseptic Ointment, Gauze, Dressing Tape, Crepe Bandage, Cotton, Pain Spray and some basic medicines like Painkillers and anti-vomit pills. Make sure that all the above are within the expiry date too.

Reflective Triangle

This is the most important thing which protects both parties’ lives. This is mainly used for when the car is stopped on a fast moving road to indicate other cars. This mainly works at night when there is lack of visibility and cars are moving fast, so to stop them this reflective works as an indicator. 

Portable Fire Extinguisher

Our car is practically moving forward through a set of mini explosions occurring inside it. The entire engine of your car is operating at temperatures in excess of 200 degree Celsius. While this isn’t any problem for the metal parts, there are loads of other bits inside that are susceptible to catching fire. So always be prepared with a portable fire extinguisher inside. It can very well be the saving grace between a slight amount of damage to a fully burnt car.

Puncture Repair Kit and Portable Pump

Going by our road conditions, tire punctures can literally happen anywhere. A lot of roadside puncture shops outside cities are not capable of fixing tubeless tire punctures. So as a precaution, it’s best to take one yourself. We can be even more prepared by carrying a portable tire inflator. They are available online and only cost around 2000-3000 rupees.

Flashlight With Extra Batteries

This is the very important equipment which works in every situation like , car repairing, problem finding in the car and also at night. 


WD-40 is the wonder spray. It can literally be used for over 10000 purposes and the magical part is that it actually works! For car, WD-40 can come really handy to remove the accumulation of grease and grime over certain parts that cause them to get jammed. It can act as a bug proof layer for windshield and mirrors. It can loosen up rusted nuts which get jammed stuck. All in all, it can really help us with a bucket load of things, so no harm buying a can or two. These are all the Tools Which Are Essential In The Car.

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