Top 10 Car Technology You Should Definitely Know About

The automotive industry always looks for enhancement and progress by accepting and applying new technologies. Here are the top 10 car technologies you should know about.

1. In-built car applications

There is a certain boost in using the apps as some automotive manufacturers are now bringing them into our cars too. With models such as Holden Astra, Porsche 911, and Hyundai Elantra that offers CarPlay or Android Auto (or both) which syncs with your phone. As well as the In-Control Remote has recently been launched in some car models that allow you to lock and unlock the car from an app or smartwatch. Adding a newly developed Activity Key waterproof wristband, that reduces the chances of losing your keys.

2. Autonomous vehicle

Making cars fully autonomous is not possible exactly today. It will take nearly 5 years for a car to be activated without human interruption or human control. Now also in rural areas where the network is weak, it is difficult for an autonomous car to spot its location or drive smoothly. 

3. Expanded Bluetooth

Almost all new vehicles are fitted with Bluetooth hands-free phone capability with a music streaming function. This connection lets you stream any form of audio from a Bluetooth device through the vehicle’s sound system. Bluetooth audio can be controlled through original audio controls. The music streaming feature also shows the current track, album, artist, and other details on your vehicle’s audio display.  

4. Biometric vehicle access

Like we unlock our smartphones by using finger-print or retina scanning, we will be able to unlock and start our car by biometric access that is by using finger-prints or eye scanners (retina). This will get key-less entry and start.

5. Active health monitoring

In the advancement, cars will be having a health monitoring system that will detect if you are facing any issue. Cars with integrated steering wheel sensors or seats will be capable to pair up with them. Health-related information will be given which can reduce major risks for the driver. Drivers having health problems like diabetics or heart problems will be benefited from it. Adding to this, in case of an emergency, the emergency contact will get dialed automatically.

6. The navigators

GPS systems are getting more advanced day by day showing accuracy as they are technology-friendly by getting information of real-time traffic. Cars transmit their speed and GPS coordinates to a cloud server. This gives information about nearby cars also. GPS of your car gets this information and shows suitable path with less congestion, saving our time. GPS up gradation will be in autonomous cars as navigation must be correct by inches also as it is self-driven. Self-driven cars must follow lines and should stay in between the lines.

7. Smart in-car marketing

You are already receiving Facebook, Twitter ads based on surfing. In 1-2 years, vehicles will get full facility of the network so that marketers will get a new platform for marketing their content and ads. You will be getting personalized location-based ads in near future.

8. Park assist

Park assist technology was first developed in Japan, which is seen in upcoming car models. The use of cameras at the backside of the car, which gives a view of the parking area and scans the space. Park assist technology manages the steering and measurements of car parking leaving the accelerator and brake in your control. The Range Rover Evoque Convertible, Volkswagen Golf, and Mercedes-Benz A45 are some models offering this feature.

9. All terrain friendly

New car models are offering all-terrain technology. The car senses which road type they are driving and adjusts themself accordingly. The diverse terrain technology alters speed to maintain gradient and grip. Range Rover Evoque is one such example.

10. Blind Spot Monitoring and Cross Traffic Alert

Most accidents are caused due to blind spots and collisions. To reduce this new cars are mostly installed with a sensor-based system to alert you to vehicles in your blind spot with either a lighted signal icon at the side mirror, speak assistant warning, or both. Most sensors have a rear cross-traffic alert which tells the driver about the traffic while parking or taking out the vehicle. In some upgraded car versions, brakes will be automatically applied because of the sensors, if any collision is detected.

These smart technologies made our driving efficient and work comfortable. The rise of the tech automotive world seems like some science fiction coming in the commonplace.

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