Troubleshooter: Does Your Car Really Need this Repair

Knowing the difference between the car maintenance and repair services that are ‘required’ and that is ‘recommended’ makes a huge difference to your awareness and choices regarding your vehicle as a customer.

Our cars speak volumes about us. We all love our cars and when it comes to car maintenance, we want the best car maintenance services in the automotive industry to handle our vehicles. However, often there is a lack of sufficient knowledge among the customers about the services which are really ‘required‘ for smooth car performance and services that are ‘recommended’ by the car repair and maintenance centers just to make money. This results in costly surprises from their best automotive repair shops after servicing. 

How to avoid these unnecessary car repair bills? How to save yourself from fraud in-car services? These are the questions that we all are grappling with. Often the car maintenance service providers do not inform the customers about the services. But, the situation becomes worse when we, as car owners do not ask questions regarding the services we need. As a result, the lack of knowledge and awareness costs a lot of people a lot of money. Further, they often end up receiving poor car maintenance services or turning to local unverified mechanic shops. Often the unverified shops take away the original parts and replace them with parts that do not add substantially to the performance of the car. 

Knowledge about your car, asking the right questions about the services, and having a regular, good car maintenance and repair service center is a must to tackle this situation and stay alert from frauds. Read on to know all about car maintenance services, their significance, and the things to keep in mind while opting for a good car maintenance service center. Further, being aware of all these points, you can save a lot of money. 

Car Maintenance
Car Maintenance

Why Maintenance of Cars Is Important? 

There are various reasons for hitting search on ‘car repair services near me’ on your phone. Regular vehicle maintenance increases the life of your vehicle, increases safety, reduces the risk of breakdown, reduces repair cost, and improves the performance of the vehicle. Also, you get a car maintenance checklist and a list of car maintenance costs when you approach an automotive service center. Further, some common auto maintenance needs are oil change for smooth engine, fluids for protection against friction, and tires to improve gas mileage and reduce wear and tear. 

What’s recommended and what’s required: The Difference 

Often car maintenance and repair service customers are confused between what is ‘required’ and what is ‘recommended’ for their car. Due to a lack of knowledge about the maintenance of the car, they don’t even question their trusted car maintenance, service provider. Further, a solution to this is to ask the right questions. Which are the crucial services for your vehicle performance? What benefits does this service offer? Will not getting this service to have any serious ramifications on your car’s performance in the long run? Does your vehicle really need this service? Is the service required to keep up the manufacturer’s warranty? These are the questions you need to ask before accepting any recommended car services. Also, if they give you the wrong information, you will be eligible for a refund.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

This is one of the best ways to understand what your vehicle needs. If you lost the hard copy, download an online manual PDF. The manual has a maintenance schedule section. This enlists which car parts need maintenance and at what intervals as recommended by the manufacturer. If you have no prior knowledge, this manual is your go-to. It will save a whole lot of time and put the things in your perspective that really need work and maintenance.

Regular Check
Regular Check

Be A Regular Customer

Trust and regularity are the keys to get the best and only ‘required’ car maintenance services. There are automotive service centers that aim at being more credible. Their aim is to earn loyal clients. Further, these service centers provide the ‘required’ maintenance services with honesty. This is precisely what you need. Having a regular, honest go-to car maintenance service provider will save your time and money. They will offer you true and valuable information about the needs of your car.

A regular car maintenance service center that prioritizes your repair needs and tries to avoid your unnecessary visits to them. This is exactly what you need. You can start asking around or you can download the AutoFlipz app. Book your car for a checkup, get authentic information about what your car actually needs, and track every step of services that your car goes through. AutoFlipz services save your time as we offer car pick up and drop service for free. 

AutoFlipz believes in cultivating healthy relationships with its clients. You’ll feel satisfied and correctly informed after receiving services from them. A happy car and a happy client is the purpose with which AutoFlipz works. 

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