Looking For Trusted Hyundai Car Maintenance Tips? Here Is All You Should Know!

People who drive handle and maintain the car very nicely. Newer cars need less attention. As soon as it gets by time, it needs maintenance and care. Here are some basic car maintenance tips and hacks.

Car maintenance tips

1. Oil for cars

Engine oil is like blood that flows inside the engine to keep things smooth going. The engine oil keeps all parts well lubricated so that depreciation is minimal. It also traps dust, dirt and sediments that keep them out of places they shouldn’t be. Checking oil levels every month is necessary and refill if the level is low. Oil grade and change intervals are with respect to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This ensures that the engine runs smooth and cool. 

2. Brake check

The car’s brake pads require regular inspection. While driving, listen for any brake noise and pay attention to vibration from the brake pedal. If any problem occurs, consult a service center as soon as possible. Without proper brake fluids, they can stop working resulting in mishaps.

3. Tyre pressure

Check the tyre pressure at least once in 7 days. Low air tyres will not only affect the handling but will also result in more fuel consumption that will wear out faster. Over inflating the tyres might result in tyre burst. Always maintain the tyre pressure advised by the manufacturer. 

4. Car lights

Check the bulb if fused or the lights to be changed by taking car to mechanic. Inactive lights may get one in trouble. Headlights are safety key to the car. Regular cleaning of lenses and checking bulbs is necessary.

Likewise, there are various other maintenance tips for cars. Further, we will discuss what concern and maintenance tips we should take note for Hyundai cars. These flaws arise due to rough use which can be solved with necessary Hyundai car care tips.

Hyundai Car Care Tips

1. In Hyundai i20, the clutch pedal hardens after crossing a certain count of distance say 20000kms. The reason being a decrease in oil level or entry of air in the system. The Hyundai care tip comes here by checking the oil level and air passage. Never keep your foot on the clutch while driving. Apply full clutch while changing gears.

2. In Hyundai Verna we generally notice noise from its suspension while driving on rough roads and speed breakers because of accumulation of dust and insufficient lubrication. What we can do is clean and lubricate frequently. By personally inspecting lower arms, bushings and carrying out the required lubrication, we can prevent this abnormal noise and increase the life of its suspension components.

3.  In i10 Hyundai cars, a high pitch noise is noticed while starting the engine. This could occur due to the over-tightening of the engine belt, which adds extra load. After some time, the belt loses its elasticity. Hyundai care tip is we can get with this by properly checking belt slack by pressing your thumb against it, which should ideally depress by 15-20 mm.

4.  An interruptive noise is felt while turning the steering wheel. The prominent reason may be due to steering linkage components turning dry due to lack of lubrication and accumulation of dust.  Also, in the absence of lubrication, the components get rusted. This is cured by washing the car with water and letting it dry naturally in sunlight. We can prevent the same by proper lubrication of steering linkage components by applying grease on these components.

5. An abnormal noise can be noticed with the Hyundai Eon after it finishes say, 20000 km. This can be due to a loose exhaust tailpipe and silencer assembly hanger. To get over this, the hanger bolt is tightened to the specified torque. An alternative is to go directly to the workshop.

6.  A louder noise from the compressor is witnessed while driving after it has done more than 20,000 km. This arises generally due to the AC filter getting clogged with dust. We can avoid this by cleaning the AC filter and condenser regularly (every 5000 km). By blowing compressed air at low-pressure AC can be cleaned, whereas by using a pressurized jet of water that can be sprayed on the condenser fins directly condenser can be cleaned. 

These were some fine car maintenance tips for Hyundai and others. By checking your car on time, the interior- exterior, brakes, fluids, wipers, tires, etc you can increase the value of the car and make it smooth for the drive.  

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