Which Gives Good Car Servicing, Authorized or Local Garage ?

Which Gives Good Car Servicing? When we need our car servicing some people sees quality. And most of the people sees money. People who sees money they visits local garages sometimes its effective sometimes it not. Whereas people who see quality they go authorized garages or company service center, where customer give fancy amount of money but give guaranteed of work. But big raises many times, If both have to work on the same work so what is the difference between authorized and local garages? What are their benefits which differentiate them?.

Benefits of Authorized Garages 


The warranty is something which makes people pocket and car safe. This is used by not only cars but even in electronics systems. Under warranty buyers can take service without giving a single penny from his pocket. But this advantage is only available in company service centers or authorized garages. Here they need to show a document of his car and they can give his car for servicing. Whereas in local garages this is not available they take money for their work sometimes it would be costly also for customers. 

Latest Technology and its challenges 

Since we are in high tech time and our technology is developing and boosting in the automobile industry, it’s necessary to take care of those technologies. ECU, Fuel ignition system and in car entertainment system. To maintain these system it necessary take  service authorised garage because they give there to car so they have very about this. Eheas local cars have very less knowledge about these systems, they only know basic things like car puncher, clutch plate or engine problem they have less knowledge of advanced systems.

Quality vs Money

In an authorised garage its people should see the quality of work not money because since its a bigger brand so they will give their best in their service they solve the issue permanently. Whereas in the local garage they work for money so they do Jugaad rather than solving problems permanently. 

Benefits of Local Garages 


Local Mechanics are likely to be met by staff who have more time to spend with customers, advising people in a friendly and knowledge way; more than happy to help. That’s not to say we can’t find friendly and helpful staff at a larger dealership, but independent garages sometimes have more of a personal approach to the service they provide their customers.

Local garages can often come to your attention via word of mouth. Perhaps a recommendation from a family member, work colleague or friend. Having a company recommended to you will give us added peace of mind that we will be looked after and treated well.


The car mechanics at the local garage could well be specialists in certain areas. For instance, they could be experts in a particular car brand, such as Mercedes or Toyota, if they have previously worked for those companies.

Similarly, they could specialise in certain services, such as MOTs, tyres or servicings, so it’s worth doing our homework prior to booking our car in

Cost effective and cheaper 

The local garage people are cost effective and cheaper as well. So if the car has a small issue like tire pucher or coolant issue the local can fix it at a low cost in comparison to authorised garage.


The authorized garage are the best for the big issues because they fix it easily but change you highly. Whereas local garage is for small works which is like routine check up in this they take less money but quality is not guaranteed. This is how you can decide for the confusion Which Gives Good Car Servicing?

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