Why car servicing on time is important for you and your car?

We know that a car is a machine. Needless to say that people often connect their emotions to these machines, which makes these vehicles shine brighter. Despite the top-notch engines, out-of-the-world mechanisms, and even never-seen-before procedures, our vehicles are prone to damage every time we use them, and it is inevitable. But we can try to improve and increase the life of our vehicles. One of the easiest ways to do that is not by installing heaving modifications; instead, it is to service the car regularly. It seems a bit bland. But the only way to keep your car in the condition ‘as new as store-bought’ for increased time, it is essential to provide service to the cars.

To understand why a car needs servicing on time, we must understand why cars need servicing at all?

Human bodies are very complicated; they function all day and night and have some solid mechanisms. But still, even after being created with utmost intricacy, even humans need to rest and recreate. The machinery which our vehicles possess is highly intricate as well as delicate. Thus it becomes only apparent for them to require ‘rest and recreation.’
In terms of automobiles, this ‘rest and recreation is nothing but service.

Prolonged use of a vehicle without any servicing can only lead to damage of machinery which will deteriorate the quality of drive, at best. In the worst situations, it could lead to irreversible damage to the machinery, and even you might lose the car. The only and fool-proof solution to avoid these problems is to get your car serviced on time. Let us see why it is crucial to get our cars serviced timely:

To ensure driver and vehicle safety

Safety while driving

It’s necessary to get on-time service of the vehicle as it ensures that the car is in usable condition. On-time service contributes to the much-needed security while driving or handling any mishap. If the vehicle is not serviced, it is only apparent to shut down, and most people do not recognize the fault at the moment. Keeping your car serviced will ensure that your car is safe to drive.
Some manufacturers recommend their cars to be serviced every 10000 kilometers or 12 months. Some have shorter time intervals rather than distance requisites, and some now allow longer schedules. In contrast, others could need to be seen frequently because of workloads and varied utilization of vehicles.

To improve the performance of the car

The car is made up of several different parts which carry out various mechanisms, and all of these mechanisms are vital for a car to function to its best quality. If one part tends to fail, it could affect how the car runs and functions. Every part needs to be in its best possible condition to run smoothly like any sound–oiled machine. Servicing your car at regular intervals ensures that every part of the car works smoothly, improving the car’s overall performance. Along with the overall performance, this becomes a checkpoint for the car parts. It is highly recommended to get the car serviced if one has driven it through different terrains.

To save from heavy losses and investments

Doing regular car servicing can save money as well as it will save heavy investments in cars. When a car is unkept, and its parts undergo abrasion or wear, those parts can cause dan=mage to other machinery, affecting the complete fundamental unit. If the car or car abrasions are not treated timely, it can cause a heavy loss, and in return, owners have to make heavy investments to get their vehicles back on track. Thus, to avoid heavy investment and losses, we should give our cars servicing or, in layman terms, ‘ oiling’ on time; otherwise, minor problems can become a big problem anytime in the car.
For example, if the clutch is tight to press, it should be repaired as soon as possible; otherwise, the clutch plate will break or be damaged, and it can cause expensive repairs for the car owner to restore it.

To increase the worth of the car

save money on car

On-time car service not only saves money but also makes money by selling cars with extra profit. This happens because car servicing increases the worth of the car and its actual price by servicing. Even a model from 10 years ago could be sold at a high value if the car is well maintained. Even the car’s maintenance is greatly reflected in how it looks. If the car is internally damaged, it ought to be prone to external damages caused due to accidents. Thus, keeping your car serviced on a timely basis enhances its life and looks drastically.

Good for the environment

A poorly maintained car spews more environment-damaging fumes and emissions into the air because of clogged exhausts and unchanged oil and other fluids than a car that undergoes regular servicing and maintenance. By giving your car regular car service, you thus reduce your carbon footprint and do your bit for the environment. Therefore, it is said that if you keep your car serviced, you are helping the environment to breathe. Even the government has issued a guideline to get the car checked for pollution now and then. This kind of check is also a type of service you can provide to your cars.

For instance, Maruti has a prescribed Maintenance Schedule for all its cars so that no car is dumped just because of petty issues that were undealt. That’s the reason why it is popularly recommended to service your car regularly.

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