Types of Clutches with its Advantages and Disadvantages explained

We are fond of the word ‘Clutch’ in the Automobile industry. The Clutches are connected to the car Engine. It links between the Engine & transmission system. Let’s talk about the Types of Clutches that we use in our motor Vehicles. The various categories of the clutch are present in the vehicles.

There are two types of Clutches are present in the Vehicle. Such as; Single Plate Clutch & Multi Plate Clutch. Take a Study in deep about both Clutches as follows:


Single plate clutch
Single plate clutch

Single-Plate Clutch is also known as One-Plate Clutch. The Clutch has two important Shaft I.e., Driving Shaft & Driven Shaft.

Single Plate Clutch includes different parts, that helps to complete the work. Such as; Pressure plate, spring, hub, flywheel, input mechanism for engagement etc. It contains both the side friction lining because of the pressure plate & flywheel.


  • The Working engagement is smooth
  • It Consume less power
  • It has No require of cooling oil used
  • Quickly operated & respond fast
  • It is Easy to change the gear


  • High wear & tear rate
  • Less Torque transmission capacity
  • High Maintenance charges
  • It required space to accommodate Clutch


Multi plate clutch
Multiple plate clutch

A multi-plate clutch is a Clutch that has various plates in it. The clutch is used in Heavy vehicles. It takes place at the engine flywheel to transfer the power to the engine shaft and transmission shaft. Hence, It is also available in motorcycles for transmitting high torque.

The Multi-plate clutch includes various parts, Such as; Pressure plate, clutch plate, thrust springs, pedal clutch, Sp-lined shaft, flywheel & Diaphragm Spring.

Followings are the advantages & disadvantages of Multi-Plate Clutch:


  • Decreases the weight of the Clutch
  • Comes with the compact Size
  • The amount of Torque transmission increases.
  • It decreases the moment of inertia of the Clutch


  • Heat up quickly
  • They are Costly.
  • They are heavy Weighten


  • Single Plate Clutch has one Plate and Multi Plate Clutch has a number of Plates.
  • Single-Plate Clutch is easy to operate & the Multi-Plate Clutch required more time.
  • The Single Clutch is fitted on the flywheel through its Clutch spring while Multi-Plate Clutch is fitted to the gearbox & engine shaft.
  • Co-efficient is high in the Single Plate Clutch as compare to the Multi Plate Clutch.
  • A Single-Plate Clutch is Dry Clutch & the Multi-Plate Clutch as Wet Clutch.
  • The Multi-Plate Clutch is Used in a Huge Vehicle than the single-plate Clutch.
  • Single-Plate Clutch contains less heat as compared to the Multi-Plate Clutch.
  • Life Span of the Multi-Plate Clutch is longer as compared to the Single Plate Clutch.

These are two types of Clutch that we are using in our vehicles. I hope you understand its advantages and disadvantages. Please share the content with your friends. I hope through you it helps many of us to understand it. For more amazing machinery thing, purpose & guide. Stay Tuned with Us.



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