Volkswagen is an extraordinary brand giving us undeniable handsome cars Volkswagen has not let our expectations down, as it is pretty much clear with The Volkswagen Ameo. The Volkswagen Ameo is having features in such a way that it is a comfortable sedan for a small family and also with friends with big hearts.

The Volkswagen Ameo is the newest member of the polo family. The Ameo is similar to the Polo and Vento models in India. The car offers traits like those of Polo, with almost similar seating capacity and a larger boot space owing to its three-box styling. The Volkswagen Ameo comes in various colors starting with Carbon Steel, Sunset Red, Toffee Brown, Candy White, and Reflex Silver. It is one of the most valued cars in India.

The Volkswagen Ameo is quite unique when it comes to accessories. Accessories are the key features of a car, as everyone is excited to buy the car to satisfy their comfort zone with the car’s accessories.


Features and Specifications You Must Know: 

Volkswagen Ameo packages: 

Base package There is no confusion between forms and functions as the base package takes care of it. The base package comes with the accessories that make your Volkswagen Ameo the way you would like it to be.

  • Style Package: 

The style package is just as you want it to be. With the accessories which are found on the right side of flair. These accessories help you to make the car wider. 

Family Package:

The Volkswagen Ameo provides great comfort for a family who prefers cozy and relaxing long drives. The family package is children-friendly and it also remains safe and entertaining. 

Travel and Comfort: 

  • Volkswagen genuine basic carrier:

The modern Volkswagen Ameo has a travel and comfort system that offers amazing opportunities to make the drive easier. 

Keeping all the Volkswagen accessories in the right place will make the car more efficient. The basic carrier genuinely conjuncts with hooks, hangers, and iPad brackets. 

  • Volkswagen Espresso maker:

If you need a cup of coffee, you need not stop the car in the buddy traffic for it. you can make your own coffee with the Volkswagen Espresso maker, as it is available in your own Volkswagen Ameo. 

  •  Thermo box: 

There will be no tension during summer to protect the cool drinks in the car. The Volkswagen Ameo has a thermal box that makes it easier to cool the packages or drinks in the car for at least 4 hours of driving.

  • Volkswagen Ameo front armrest:

Moreover, The Front Armrest is a big relief for the people who are in the driver seat and in the passenger seat.

Therefore, it can help you not only rest your arms but also you can also keep your small important items inside it so that it is easily accessible.


Ameo Exteriors: 

The car body adds a unique sportier look, which has elegant black designs to it, which keeps the car style more stylish. The truck has enough space. In addition to the fact, the scuff plate of the car is having its pride name the Volkswagen Ameo, which is indeed embedded on all the sides of the car door. The alloy of the car is stylish with the light-alloy wheels as 7J X 16 anthracite gloss machine.



The interior is a standard and classy design, as the upholstery is in such a way that makes it feel cozy and it comes with a honeycomb design. The dash elegant is with the floor mat which is easy to clean and also feels soft to keep the feet. Moreover, the floor mats are also available in rubber. There is a cabinet air filter that saves the passengers from getting any kind of dirt from the car. It takes the dust and keeps the car dust-free. There is no wasting time looking for a dustbin m the car comes with its own waste bags


 The Manual variant has a mileage of 19.44 kmpl. And the Automatic Diesel one offers a mileage of 22 kmpl. Automatic variant Ameo mileage starts from 17.83 kmpl and goes up to 21.37 kmpl 

Volkswagen Ameo Price:

Volkswagen Ameo is having an engine which is 999 to 1488 cc, the price of the vehicle is Rs.5.67 Lakh onwards  

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