7 Iconic Car From 2020

We are the Wonder of Cars that using in our generation. The technology has rapidly increased its growth in making fabulous cars. Such cars are easy to drive, gives better mileage. Today we are going to discuss the 7 Iconic Car From 2020.

The machines build to reduce the workload of the man. That’s why Cars had made to reach the place as soon as possible in few minutes. There are many cars we would like to talk about them.

First, we are going to talk about the 7 Iconic Car from 2020. Let’s take a look at the list of the Iconic car as follows:


Kia Sonet | 7 Iconic car from 2020
Kia Sonet

One of the best Compact-SUV Car comes with Iconic features. Such as; Tiger nose grille, 16-inch dual-tone alloy wheel, Full LED Headlamps, Six airbags, Sunroof and many more. The Strong SUV comes with a price tag between 6.79 – 13.35 lakh.
KIA SONET gives you a mileage of 18.2 – 24.1 km pl with the 5 Seating capacity. It was Launched in September 2020. It has both Turbo Petrol and Diesel engines.

2. 5th Generation Honda

Honda also comes with its new Model car i.e Honda City with a Price tag of 10.99 – 14.94. The Vehicle launched in India in July 2020. The body type of the car has C-Segment. It is another Iconic car on the list of 2020.
The city gives a mileage of 24.1 km pl. It has petrol as well as diesel fuel tank. The Honda City comes with a Manual and Automatic transmission. The displacement of the Car Engine is 1498cc.
It also has a 5-Seating capacity. The car also comes with various interior and exterior features.


Mahindra Thar
Mahindra Thar

Another Iconic car from 2020 MAHINDRA Thar. It has come with a price tag of Rs. 12.11 to 14.16 lakh. The MAHINDRA Vehicles are always the best to buy. It has both Petrol as well as Diesel engines.
MAHINDRA Thar gives the mileage between 9.16 – 15.2 km pl. The interior body looks of the Thar is just Awesome & it looks like the Older Jeep cars. It is a Strong feature Iconic car.


One of the best car brands of India launched its new model ALTROZ. TATA ALTROZ with the price tag of Rs. 5.79 – 9.55 lakh. It is one of the Iconic cars from 2020. It has petrol and diesel engines by 5-speed manual transmission.
The Vehicle has a 5-seating capacity. The displacement of the engine is 1199 – 1497cc. It gives a mileage of 25.11 km pl. The car has fabulous features with the Turbocharger. It is a beautiful design car with Amazing looks.

5. Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20 | 7 Iconic car from 2020
Hyundai i20

The 3rd generation Hyundai i20 launched in November 2020. It comes with a price tag of Rs. 6.85 – 11.34 lakh. It is one of the Iconic cars from 2020 with Smart interior features. The i20 gives a Mileage between 19.65 to 25.2 km pl.
The displacement of the Vehicle engine is 998 to 1493cc. It has Manual and Automatic Transmission with the Dual Clutch system. The i20 has 3-Engine with an amazing Multitude gearbox.

6. Hyundai CRETA

The other Hyundai car on the list! The Sub-compact SUV car CRETA Launched in the year 2020. The price of CRETA is between 9.99 – 17.70 lakh. It comes with various Smart features.
The Mileage of the CRETA is 17 to 21 km pl. It has both Manual and Automatic transmission. The CRETA also has the CVT, Torque converter and Dual Clutch. The car has a capacity of 5-Seating.


Nissan Magnite
Nissan Magnite

Last, but not least, Nissan launched its new model car MAG-NITE in the year 2020. It is another Iconic car with a price tag of Rs. 5.59 – 10 lakh only.
MAG-NITE is a Sub-compact SUV Car with the Manual and CVT Transmission. Mileage is between 18-20 km pl. The displacement engine is 999cc. The fuel tank capacity of the Vehicle is 40litres.

Hence, all the above cars are the 7 Iconic cars from 2020. These all are the best new-generation cars with a fabulous styling look. I hope you get the relevant car list. Please, share the content which your friends and let them know about these Iconic from 2020.

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