Tips For a Better and Cost Effective Car Maintenance

Who doesn’t love cars? Buying a car is something that everyone is very interested in. The new sleek look, shiny surface, fine leather covers, and how effortlessly it spins into the road, makes you look good, feel great. Running and keeping a car in good condition is expensive. Almost everyone has a huge frown on their face when it comes to the maintenance of their car. The reason is that Car maintenance is no cheap business. It would amount up to quite a large amount to make sure that the car is up and running again. The reason many give is that it is harder to replace or maintain the more expensive parts of the car, along with the rising fuel prices. Here are a few tips that would ensure a more cost-effective method of car maintenance.

1. Avoid Careless Driving

Careless Driving | Car Maintenance Cost
Careless Driving

You would be surprised at how much easier it is to save cost on car maintenance and keep your car in a good condition by treating it right. Go easy on the driving controls and do not give in to the tendency to “burn rubber”. Make sure that you do not ride the clutch when you’re waiting at a blind alley or traffic light. In order to get the double out of your mileage system, go gentle on the brakes, rather than ramming your foot down on the brake pedal.

2. Take the vehicle owner’s manual seriously

Owner's Manual
Owner’s Manual

In most of the cars, the vehicle’s owner’s manual sleeps inside the dashboard, without even getting a chance to be read or even taken seriously. The vehicle’s owner’s manual contains great information about your car and you need to be very familiar with it. This gives you the upper hand when you give the car for maintenance or even when you are negotiating prices. You might not get tricked into paying for something that isn’t really wanted. Sometimes the manual may also teach you to do certain maintenance tasks yourself, rather than paying for a technician. This could save a lot of rupees.

3. Let the Internet help you.

AutoFlipz | Car Maintenance Cost

Today, there is nothing that the internet cannot help you with. The right websites like AutoFlipz, can give you information on special deals, promotions, and vehicle service specials in your area.

4. Do not compromise on the spare parts.

Don't Compromise on Spare Parts | Car Maintenance Cost
Don’t Compromise on Spare Parts

Make it a point that you only use the best spare parts. You can reduce car maintenance cost by using only high-quality vehicle parts and spares, designed to work optimally in your vehicle and to resist wear and tear. Many do not know that using cheap quality car parts can not only potentially ruin the life of your car but also may land you in the workshop, talking to the mechanic for a replacement again. All AutoFlipz’s workshop uses genuine and OEM spare parts, so you never have to worry about the quality. AutoFlipz only works with highly rated expert mechanics and uses genuine spare parts to offer premium quality.

5. Do-It-Yourself

There is a lot of DIY that can teach you to do the most common vehicle maintenance tasks. You can learn how to do the small maintenance jobs yourself, and you’ll be amazed by the money you are saving upon. Learn to perform tasks like changing the oil, air filter, fuses, bulbs, and windscreen wiper blades. Never forget to rotate the tyres yourself at least twice a year and you will save on labor, and prevent wear and tear.

6. Don’t Ignore the Red flags

Your car would show many signs of impending repairs or maintenance needs, do not take them lightly and pay heed to them. Check your car regularly and its engine. Most importantly- the car battery is one of the most important components. The car’s battery is responsible for providing a large amount of electrical current for the starter, engine, and other electronic accessories in the vehicle. High temperatures affect the performance so you need to ensure frequent testing to ensure that the battery will perform when you need it to.

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