How To Remove Scratches Of The Car

How To Remove Scratches Of The Car? Scratches are the very big problem in the car and for car owners. This could happen many times while driver fault or any third party fault. And this problem is very common in the car and there are many ways to solve it. But if we go to the garage the mechanic will take an expensive amount of money to remove it. So to solve this issue there are many easy and cost effective ways to remove scratch from the car.


This method is no brainer with slight scratches. The whole idea is in buffering the uneven surface making a scratch almost invisible. Every car owner has heard about this simple and cheap way: here are some tips which people don’t know: 

  • Use whitening toothpaste; its gritter texture is perfect for gentle yet firm surface biffing.
  • Before dealing with the scratch itself, make sure to clean the area around it , buffering some dirt particles into the paint will only make it worse.
Shoe Polish 

 This is another quite efficient scratch removing method. It is only suitable for proud owners of dark cars though. As usual, before dealing with the scratch itself, make sure that the surrounding area is clean. 

Then take polish darker than the color of your vehicle and spread it all over the damaged area. Just like on your shoes, the polish will fill up small scratches and imperfections leaving the area looking smooth and shiny. 

Then take soft sandpaper and work it through around the scratched area. Be very careful with sanding! You only want to clear the access of polish around the scratch. After you are done with it, buff the surface.

Nail Polish 

It might seem weird for drivers but ladies find this method the most efficient , available and logical. Like toothpaste or shoe polish that requires some kings of buffing and risky sanding, fixing a scratch with nail polish is an easy one step method. 

Another benefit is that nail polish comes in a variant of colors so that most properly we won’t have any problem finding the one that matches the color of the car is perfect to use. 

All we need to do is clean the surface and then apply the nail polish and wait for 12 – 15 min and put one more coating on that if needed.

The Scratch kit 

There are many methods to solve the scratch,  but they have some side effects so it’s important to go with its real method and remove scratch by using scratch kit. The good thing about these kits is that they combine the benefits of all DIY methods but are adapted especially for ca paints. Which makes them less risky, especially for first timers. 

These are the ways how we remove the scratches of the car.

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