Top 5 Cars Instagram Accounts

If you Like cars you definitely visited pages on social media and the top 5 car pages on Instagram are.

1. Petrolicious

Petrolicious instagram account

Somewhere in L.A., in a magical part of the city where it’s always sunrise or sunset. Sits on the headquarters of, a digital shrine to achingly beautiful vintage machinery. While true gearheads can peruse the site for in-depth interviews with people; who seemingly own every air-cooled 911 and gated-shifter Ferrari in existence; the Instagram feed is good for a quick hit to hold you over. Oh, and for added value follow – Petrolicious editor Ted Gushue; who’s as handy with a Leica as he is blessed to drive so much of this historic metal.

2. Classic Car Club Manhattan

Classic Car Club Manhattan
Classic Car Club Manhattan

Inside an old police horse stable; on the western edge of Manhattan hides a fleet of cars that you—yes, you—can drive. If you can spare the four-to-five-figure annual fee to join the Classic Car Club. It’s a toy box of dreams that includes a neon-green Lamborghini; a Ford GT in the historic blue-and-orange Gulf racing livery; a 550 Spyder just like James Dean’s :(, a vintage BMW 2002, a slammed Chevy C10, and on, and on. If you’re short on the entry fee, living vicariously through CCC’s Instagram will help with the hurt.

3. Instagram Account of Huseyin Erturk

Huseyin Erturk instagram account
Huseyin Erturk

Erturk shoots cars as if they’re animals in the wild like they don’t even know he’s there. And they’re just going through their daily motions in a sun-drenched, slightly faded urban jungle. Sure, he’s a professional, and they’re probably staged and timed and planned to the millimeter! But it’s nice to imagine all these stunning; Jaguar XKEs and Ferrari 308s and Porsche 911s out living in the world, prowling the streets.

4. Beverly Hills Car Club

Beverly Hills Car Club
Beverly Hills Car Club

You might’ve heard that some well-off people live in and around Beverly Hills; which explains why this dealership peddles some of the most jaw-dropping vintage cars in existence. It’s a menagerie of cool, from that Ferrari 328GTS above to a pristine VW minibus to a voluptuous Jaguar XK140; from the waning days of Hollywood’s golden age. All of which you can buy, if you have Beverly Hills money.

5. Instagram Account of Amy Shore

Amy Shore instagram account
Amy Shore

Amy is just 26 and lives in England. She definitely takes stunning photos of her cars that you will likely never see. Partly because not all live in Europe, where vintage Fiats and rare Renault Alpines skitter around back roads. But also because she shoots automotive unicorns; like that 1967 Ferrari P4 above, of which only four were made and only one exists in original condition.



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