The Golden Epoch of Cars

Gearheads across the entire world are thriving on the latest technology included in the cars. But one thing that they are most interested in is Vintage cars. In various car exhibits, across the borders, people arrive to see the various vintage cars and their owners demonstrating the cars from yesteryears. Vintage cars are basically cars from the era of the early 1900s— to be specific, the first half of the century. Enthusiasts across the globe have created several categories that helps them to differentiate between antique cars, classic cars, and vintage cars. Antique cars are often the ones whose age is approximately more than 45 years of age. The definition of antique and classic cars often overlap; in order to hit the bull’s eye, classic cars are the ones whose age lies between 20 – 40 years of age. The following classification criteria varies from country to country, but are often stabilized and bolstered by the Major Car Clubs.

Headlights of vintage car

The time when these cars were being manufactured, was a time of transition. Earlier there used to be carriages, coaches driven by a horse. The seats, and the level of comfort, rose with the onset of the vintage cars in the automobile industry. Several, unimaginable features were added, starting with their in-built car radio. From a foot pedal, a four-wheel brake system was introduced. The introduction of these vintage cars was a huge leap of advancement in the field of automobiles.
Vintage cars have various features which make them stand out from the posh modern-day cars. One of the most important highlights of vintage cars is their extraordinary pop-up headlights. They indeed looked too cool to be real and had a charm of their own.

Unfortunately, this very feature is missing from modern cars due to various reasons like the safety of the pedestrians, wind noise, and aerodynamics. These old, yet cool cars sported projecting tail lights and tail fins, which gave them a street smart aura. Unlike modern-day cars, these cars had Thin A-pillars. Though wide A-pillars are constructed for safety, but the ones in the vintage cars helped the driver to see through the corners. And these thin A-pillars came in with quarter glass windows.

One of the best parts of vintage cars is their T tops. They were fashionable, had a cool outlook, and guess what? This particular feature helped the owners enjoy a two-in-one car — a convertible as well as a hardtop. The best part is, the panels were easily removable and could be stored in special bags behind the seats. Though these roofs leaked in some models, but overall, they were A-one, since day one. Also, these came in with their classic hood ornaments, which upgraded the looks of the car, making the owner feel themselves on cloud nine.

Royal Vintage Car

With the advancement of modern technologies, automobiles these days have become more tech-savvy than most of us. As soon as we enter the car, we face more than fifty kinds of buttons, sounds, and what not. Unlike these harassments, vintage cars were simple with uncluttered, and in some cases vinyl interiors. These even had spare tyres in their exteriors. Another important part of this simple interior is the steering wheels and car keys. These days, automobile companies customize the steering wheel as well as the keys, trying to make them user-friendly. The steering wheels used to be round, simple. Car keys used to look like actual keys. Though, horns nowadays are comedic in the steering wheel itself. Vintage cars had klaxon, which looks almost like a trumpet. These were placed on the side of the money, easily reachable for the driver. In case of emergencies, the cars could be wired easily, without the clustering of any kinds of jacks, as the wheels were really high.

Vintage cars are all about their looks, the colors of the cars were absolutely stunning— shiny black, Louis blue, dark brick red, etc. It’s kind of sad that cars like them are not made. Vintage cars were much lighter and smaller and had much lower maintenance, as most of them could be maintained by the owner itself. Though, modern-day cars are built keeping in mind various aspects like fuel consumption, pollution, safety, aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, etc.

1935 Cabriolet Delahaye 135 MS

Citroën was a UK-based company, which started in 1919. It launched the first high-speed truck in 1929. The 1955-1963 Mercedes Benz, 300SL Gullwing is a classic sports car. It was made to race off the streets but ended up becoming an actual race car. The Herald-Standard Convertible was an advanced family car that had a different status from its rival cars. The family of Raja Dalip Singh possesses a 1935 Delahaye 135MS which is one of the most beautiful and rare existing cars. The 1958 Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster is very popular among vintage car owners.

Vintage cars still project the rich heritage and the mechanical genius of the era!

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