Keyless Entry System in a Vehicle- Yay or Nay

In today’s age of technological advancement keyless entry system in a car have become common place. As consumer demands for convenience increase, more and more car manufacturers are incorporating keyless entry systems in their vehicles. It utilizes a Bluetooth system to allow you to remotely open and close your car and as time passes keyless ignition systems are also being added to make the process of starting or switching your engine off, easier, as it can be operated with just the push of a button. The system includes a fob that can be clicked on when you are in close proximity to your car to provide remote operation.

Advantages of a Keyless Entry System

Advantages of Keyless Entry System

1. Convenience

One of the biggest upsides of a keyless entry system is convenience. How many times have you struggled with multiple items in your hand or been unable to find the small car key in a bag full to brim with items? Fishing around in the darkness, trying to feel your way to the key proves to be a lengthy and frustrating task. But with a keyless entry system, one can just click the fob to unlock their vehicle. 

2. Security 

Some systems also use rolling codes, the fob sends out a code, and the vehicle’s operating system searches for it, only when the code is verified, does the car unlock. This adds an additional layer of security that cars with physical keys would certainly not have. 

3. Automatic Locking

These systems also come with the added feature of automatic locking. Once the car has been parked and you walk away from the vehicle, it automatically locks, preventing you from going through the trouble of locking it. It also saves you from any paranoia that might come in the form of a nagging thought that you might have left your car unlocked. You can be tension-free and be assured that your vehicle locked itself. 

Disadvantages of Keyless Entry System

Disadvantage of Keyless Entry System

As lucrative as the pros of this kind of a system are, it also has a lot of downsides, which put into question the effectiveness of this system. 

1. Expenses

One of the most prevalent cons of this system is its cost of installation, repair, and maintenance. Many modern models come with this system pre-installed but you can also get it installed in lower variants at your local dealership. However, the initial cost of this is not cheap and can prove to be heavy on your wallet. Moreover, as with any device, there will be wear and tear over time. You might need to get some aspect of it repaired or might have to replace your fob. This will not be a cheap process at all, as it requires specialized help. This might prove to be an expensive affair if you lose your fob too.

2. Sensitivity to Hackers

Another issue with a keyless entry system is security concerns. Even though one of the pros of a keyless entry system is made out to be increased security coverage, hackers are always coming up with ingenious ways to gain access to these systems. They can figure out the exact wavelength of the radio signal being given out by your fob and use it to unlock your car. The car can also be accessed by someone with a code scanner, increasing the chances of theft or other criminal activity.

 Keyless entry systems, are mostly, passive entry systems. That means that under normal circumstances; they send out a signal code constantly which is attuned to that of the fob. However, these signals are weak so they only work when the fob is in close range. However, hackers can utilize what is known as a relay attack in which they take the signals being broadcast by the car’s system; and magnify them so that they’re able to cover larger distances. In this case, even if you are in the same building as your car; it can pick up the coded signal from your fob and be unlocked. This has become another very popular method to jack cars for tech-savvy hackers. 

3. Perils of Automatic Locking 

Under extenuating circumstances; this system of smart entry can prove to be dangerous if you forget your fob inside your car. Usually, the car locks by itself once you walk away. But if for any reason, the fob gets forgotten inside the car; the engine can keep on running, producing toxic fumes and depleting your fuel reserve. In closed quarters, this can very well be fatal. 

4. Battery Depletion 

Moreover, remote keyless entry systems are hugely responsible for depleting the car battery. And often, with the car battery depleted, the keyless system becomes redundant, leaving you to operate the mechanical lock. On top of that, you’ll have to get the battery replaced quite often which can be quite a task.

Thus a keyless entry system, though very convenient, can prove to have many downsides. That should not deter you from purchasing a car with this system installed or from installing it in your car. But you should be aware of possible cons that could come with remote entry systems. It is by being an informed customer that you can better align your purchase; with the product that best suits your needs.

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