Who doesn’t love the feel of driving a car which is an indication of freedom along with being a mode of transport? Now, what if this freedom comes with luxury providing comfort at prices friendly to one’s pocket. An exciting deal, isn’t it? Mahindra KUV 100 is a combination of luxury with affordable prices as compared to the other cars of its stature. 

KUV 100 is basically a mini-SUV, raised slightly above the ground as compared to a sedan, providing a sports car look. It is also the first 6-seater car at an affordable range in India. The muscular and rear bumper of the car with a silver skid plate supporting the aggressive front grille of the car is sure to turn the heads around when let free on the road. The 38.1 cm, 2 tone alloy wheels with flared wheel arches complete its sporty look. The blog will give you an insight into why Mahindra KUV 100 is a good choice.


Price of Mahindra KUV 100

Its price range starts from 6.01 lakhs and goes up to 7.67 lakhs depending upon the different models. The KUV comes in 4 different models in the market namely K2+, K4+, K6+, and K8+ with differences in their exterior features. While the interior components of each model of the car like engine and transmission capacities remain the same.


Mahindra KUV 100 with its manual transmission mode and max gross torque of 115Nm @ of 3500- 3600 r/min gives a mileage of 18.15 kmpl. Moreover, this mileage closely competes with that of Hyundai Creta which gives a mileage of 19 kmpl. Also, its excellent low-end torque helps with quick acceleration.

MAHINDRA KUV 100 Comfy Interiors
MAHINDRA KUV 100 Comfy Interiors


Mahindra KUV 100 provides a perfect mix of technology and lavish interiors giving it an all-over sporty look. While the K2+, K4+, AND K6+ models of the car have premium grey interiors, KUV 100 K8+ provides premium black interiors. The 17.8 inches touchscreen infotainment system with capacitive touch and the 243L boot space provides a blend of comfort and technology.

Below are some of the other features of the KUV:

  • The KUV gives “Follow-me-home & Lead-me-to-Vehicle Headlamps” which are sunglass-inspired dual chambers with LED DRLs clear lens. It enhances the sporty look of the car as well as helps in easy navigation through dark routes.
  • Further, its Electronic Temperature Control system and electronic power steering function tilt ensure comfort during long hours of journey.
  • Its high-tech GPS navigation system provides 2D and3D images of the maps as well as enables navigational operations in regional languages.
  • The sunglasses holder, front and rear armrest cup holders, and the driver seat height adjuster avoid the decluttering of things and adds to comfort.
  • Its attractive seat upholstery enhances the sporty look of the interiors. Also, it all-weather mats provide a good defense against dirt.
MAHINDRA KUV 100 Interior
MAHINDRA KUV 100 Interior


Mahindra KUV 100 provides an average as high as that of 25.31 kmpl. Having discussed the mileage provided by the car before which was also nearly of the same parameters, let us differentiate between the two. Mileage is the distance covered by the car in 1 liter of petrol when the vehicle runs at a constant speed on a smooth road. Whereas, the average is the distance covered by the car in 1 liter of petrol under no specified conditions. In India, where it is hard to find smooth roads for a long stretch, the vehicle’s odometer records average instead of mileage.

Also, the average given by a car depends on driving and car maintenance. Less the wear and tear of the car more will be the average given by it. The best average is achieved when the car is driven at a speed of 55- 60kmph; as more the speed more will be the fuel lost.


Mahindra KUV 100 provides the following accessories to the user :

  • The elegant chrome bezel fog lamps, license plate holding, tail lamps, and door handles add to the style of the car.
  • The provision of a rain visor on all four doors provides a hassle-free drive no matter what the weather condition is.
  • KUV gives a provision of a sturdy roof carrier providing external storage while going on road trips. Also, it has an option of Inflatable Versatile career; which can be removed and installed as per the demands in less than 10 mins. The versatile career is useful if you feel that the permanent sturdy career degrades the look of the car.
  • The rear-view camera and front parking assist feature make the task of parking the car easy. While the rear-view camera provides the image of the rear back of the car; the ultrasonic front parking feature scans the area ahead of the car.
  • The front nudge guard, rear impact, and protector beam provide external safety to the car in case of collisions.
  • The entire safety of the car is ensured by the provision of ABS that is ANTI BRAKE LOCKING SYSTEM; which prevents the user from locking up the brakes. This ensures the stopping of axles and wheels themselves thus reducing the chance of skidding when sudden brakes are applied. Further, it provides two front seats airbags to the driver and co-driver. Mahindra KUV 100 is the first kind of a car in India to provide the ABS system.

We hope the above points gave you an insight into the MAHINDRA KUV 100. And its advanced features may have proved the reason it is called the next-gen car.

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