The Honda City- New Model

The fifth generation of the Honda City Car does not stray very far from the tried and tested formula. It offers excellent rides and the handling is made very easy. It provides you with great ground clearance and glides over uneven roads. The drive is buttery smooth and in terms of mileage, the car has the best to offer. The Rear-seat space has greatly improved and the quality is now a whole lot better. The ride quality of the car filters out road imperfections. The price of the car is the most attractive aspect. The car price ranges around ₹ 11.19 Lakh and goes up to ₹ 15.14 Lakh. 

The option of petrol- CVT, the smooth automatic will keep you stress-free in traffic too. In comparison to the fourth generation, there are only a few changes made. Thus we can understand that the Honda has played it safe, incorporating the features into the New Honda City that made the fourth generation of the Honda City, a great success.

New Honda City – Interior

Honda City Comfy interior
Honda City Comfy interior

The All-New 5th Generation Honda City keeps up with the ambition of space and comfort inside the car. While designing the interior, Honda has followed their policy of ‘Man Maximum, Machine Minimum’ philosophy. This translates into an interior space with ample legroom and a cozily designed cockpit to give you a highly smooth riding experience that is indeed one of its greatest highlights. The cabin’s elements are easily reachable to its all passengers, regardless of where they are seated. The stitched leather surfaces on the crash pad, the center console, and elbow rest with the wooden insert on the dash, in a dark glossy finish is a refreshing addition. But this does not apply to the door pads.

The Doors are large and wide in the new model which means that the car allows easy exit and entry even for the elderly. The Cabin doesn’t let the passengers sink into the seats and the seating position is a lot more neutral. The window line is at shoulder level, which gives a sense of more space now. There is an 80mm increase in maximum knee room. The average height has dropped by a small 6mm on the outside, and headroom has been reduced to 40mm. 


Honda City Interior
Honda City Interior

The Honda City New Model is 60mm less than the width of the backrest, which makes it uncomfortable for the plus-sized. New Honda City claims that this has been done to give the rear passenger better visibility and for the same reason, the height of the front headrest is chopped by 15mm. There’s an extra 70mm of knee room in the rear seat which means that the back passengers have a great deal of space. Keeping up with the previous versions, the floor is raised at an angle, acting as a natural footrest. With 506-litres compared to the earlier 510-liters, the New Honda City’s boot space is now lower.


Honda City
Honda City

The New Honda City has carried over the features of the fourth generation Honda City. The New Model is 109mm in length and 53mm in width. This new addition of length is easily noticeable. The nose is now proud and large instead of having a sleek look, giving it a confident look. The Headlamps have a broad grille that finishes in chrome. The headlamps, which are equipped with a display of bright white LEDs, daytime running lamps, and LED turn indicators, make the New Honda City look promising. 

The New car rides on a 16-inch alloy wheel design and 185-section tires to favor more fuel efficiency. The chrome grills are not in the rear end. The Tail lamps feature LED lighting elements that radiate light in a pattern that looks like the alphabet Z. The New Model has not left out the Classy shark-fin antenna, in keeping up with the other generation of the car.

The New Honda City- Engine

The petrol engine is a 1.5-liter unit and produces 2PS of power, at 121PS. Torque stays the same at 145Nm. The experience of driving the Honda City Car is a little bit familiar. You cannot ignore the fact that it is smooth and effortless, and enjoys full control. The efficiency is at a very better 17.8kmpl. The clutch and gear are easy and require almost no effort. The new 6-speed gearbox is also pretty impressive. 

CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission which was developed as part of Earth Dreams Technology, makes the ride smoother and is a trademark of Honda. This makes sure that the engine performs at a speed that is best for the efficiency of fuel.

The Honda City New Model has a clean Diesel Engine that gives 73 kW (100 ps) power with 200 Nm torque. Under BS6, Diesel Particulate Filter uses and the exhaust gas after-treatment system has been added thereby remarkably reducing emissions. 


The Honda City car price starts at ₹ 11.19 Lakh and goes up to ₹ 15.14 Lakh. The price of the Petrol version varies between ₹ 11.19 Lakh – ₹ 14.94 Lakh and the price of the Diesel version for the Car price varies between ₹ 12.79 Lakh – ₹ 15.14 Lakh

The New Honda City- Final Verdict

The New Honda City has put forward safety first with its high strength tensile steel plates in the frame; including Super High formability 980 MPa grade steel, to absorb impact during collisions and for more stable driving. 

The car price at this affordable range with added amenities and tweaks; can offer the customer a very profitable deal.

The fifth-generation adaption of the original first-generation Honda City Car is indeed a great choice; as it provides the magic of the first Honda City Car and has given the modern requirements; that keep up its game in the competition.

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