Kia Carnival is a whole loaded car with tech and many safety features that even after one drive off the lot, you can rely on the Kia Carnival. The Kia Carnival Service Department helps to keep the Kia running in prime condition. Furthermore, If you are wondering how often you need to rotate the Kia Carnival tires and the right time to repair the Kia brakes. Or, simply want to know the Kia Carnival maintenance for the current vehicle, we AutoFlipz can help you get through Kia Carnival maintenance obstacles. As a result, we cover from the transmission flushes to any mini or extreme exhaust repair. Also, Kia Carnival maintenance significantly stretches to serpentine belt replacements, to the proper exterior and interior maintenance, and a lot to keep track of. Therefore, to keep up with your Kia Carnival maintenance take a look at the below maintenance tips and tricks and fulfill the dream of achieving perfect car care with low price maintenance. 

Maintenance tips for Kia Carnival 

1. Change the Kia Carnival tires 

Kia Carnival

The tires of a vehicle will not function properly if it becomes flat. Hence, if you notice the flat tires, it is high time for you to change the tires. Furthermore, to change the tires in the Kia Carnival, find a safe location and make sure it is at the ground level. Also, It is advisable to turn on the hazards and the parking brakes and put them in wheel wedges. Then, remove the lug nuts and put the spare tire. Keep in mind to lower the Kia Carnival until the spare tire is barely touching the ground. Then, tighten the lug nuts to avoid misleading the tire. Moreover, it is necessary to lower the car the rest of the way. Again, before you move from the place, check the tire pressure to ensure safety. 

2. Get the oil change at the right time 

Are you not aware of the right time to change the Oil in your Kia Carnival? And, how long does an oil change take? Well, the oil change typically takes less than an hour. However, the best part about the Kia Carnival maintenance is to bring in your car maintenance and ensure a speedy turnaround for the Kia Carnival oil change. Furthermore, Whenever you change the oil, do not forget to replace the oil filter in the meantime. As a result, you can stop by the dealership nearby for an oil filter and practice a DIY oil change at home. This will save money and time as well. Additionally, it is mandatory to get an oil change at least twice a year. Because oil breaks down over time resulting in bad performance of the engine. Regardless of the fact that the car isn’t being used.

3. Check the Kia Carnival coolant level 

Check the Kia Carnival coolant level 

It is advisable that after every three to six months of driving through roads and corners. Also, make sure that the oil In the Kia Carnival is at the proper level, color, and consistency. However, to check that the coolant is at the proper level, you make sure the engine cools for at least 30 minutes after it’s been driven for a longer period. Then, it is now safe to remove the radiator cap. To make sure, check for exterior markings on the side of the reservoir. You will notice a line that reads full which indicates the proper level of coolant. Furthermore, check the coolant to see if there is a need to dilute or pre-mix. While under the hood, make sure you inspect the hoses and the area around the radiator in case of any leaks or damages. If there is a dry or cracked hose, it should be replaced immediately. 

4. Check and replace Kia Carnival Battery 

Check and replace Kia Carnival Battery 
Check and replace Kia Carnival Battery 

Wondering how do you know the right time to replace your Kia Carnival battery? Definitely, there are certain warning signs one needs to pay attention to, in order to see if the Kia Carnival battery needs to be replaced. Hence, if you experience any of these issues in the Kia Carnival it’s the right time to get a new battery- 

  • Unusual power fluctuations 
  • If it takes a longer time to start the engine 
  • Strange dimming of the headlights 
  • Otherwise, the adequate need of a jump start 

The main reasons behind the battery deteriorating with time and losing its charging capability are due to the extreme weather changes, road vibrations, and quality and frequent jumps. 

5. Rotate the tires 

If you enjoyed reading the above DIY Kia Carnival maintenance, then you are on the right track to learning how to rotate tires at home. Even if you prefer to rely on the Kia Carnival service department for routine maintenance, you don’t want to miss walking you through what the process entails. Because one can practice the tire rotation at home, this will enable the tire flexibility and move even on roads. Also, a tire rotation will encourage better fuel economy and ensure a ride with less noise. Moreover, tire rotation also helps in increasing the life of the tires. However, it is necessary to replace the tires eventually.

Kia Carnival maintenance schedule and Service 

  • Engine oil – Check every 350 miles 
  • Oil change – Check every 350 miles 
  • Coolant – Right replacement every 20,000 miles 
  • Brake fluid – Right replacement every 24 months 
  • Brake discs and pads – Inspect every 6 month 
  • Service – On a regular interval 891 


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