10 Global car features that we want in Indian cars

The automation industry is booming all around the world. The different cars have different features built in them. So, today we are going to discuss what are those global car features that we want in our Indian cars.

Take a look at the Top car features as follows:
  1. Tesla’s Sentry Mode

The car with great features, Tesla having no parking issues like other cars. The car is surrounding by cameras. When the car detects some threat, it will display the warning sign & also start recording the scenario. The major threats like, if someone tries to break the car, it started alarming the sound. This will ensure the owner.

  1. Clear Sight Rear View

There are so many cars comes with the clear sight rare view. These features are found in huge cars such as Big SUV, Long Luxury sedans etc. The car maker install the camera on the inner rare-view mirror. This camera will get turn on & off according to the situation.

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control

You must hear about the Adaptive Cruise. But What is the Adaptive Cruise Control? The adaption cruise control is a kit in the automation transmission. Its technology is quite simple, you have to maintain its speed and distance. The rest work will be done by the car itself. The car follow all the lines and marks on the road & this feature also apply brake.

  1. Torque vectoring

The torque vectoring is also known as brake vectoring. It having great feature that allows the car to stay under the control. While corning this feature you should apply little brake on the inner wheel. This allows more grip to the corner. 

  1. Blind fold detection system

The most of the global cars comes with the blind fold detection system. It detect the other vehicles located on the driver side. The blind fold detection system warning you by visual, audible or by vibrating.

This is the best & amazing feature with the safety.

  1. Automatic Emergency Braking

While driving a car, if someone suddenly comes in front of your car or the front vehicle stopped suddenly. Then you need a emergency brake to save you as well as them. This automatic emergency brake save the vehicles from damaging itself. It also having a ultrasonic transmission to detect the obstacle.

  1. Lane Departure warning

This one is the best feature that make your life even better when you driving on the highways. So, there are few of them that follow the lane driving pattern. It gives the lane departure warning system if the car running on the lane or not. This car system is necessary here in India.

  1. Lane keep assist

This feature took the Lane Department Warning to different level. Instead of giving warning about the lane, it will correct automatically by itself. It also maintain the lane driving out of the highway.

  1. Massaging Seats

The car having massaging seats are also available there in the international market. Some of the budget car also having these features. You can adjust your shoulder on massaging seat while driving. It feel comfortable while you drive a car. But be aware & don’t get sleep while driving a car.

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  1. Rear cross-traffic Assist

When you park a car and it is difficult to back a car in parking lot because of the tight space. The rear cross-traffic assist function comes in & it sounds an alarm as well as give a warning in the MID.

These are the global car features that we want in Indian cars. Do you like them all?



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