5 Things You Should Never do in a DSG Automatic Transmission

There has been a lot of fuss and talk surrounding the DSG Automatic Transmission cars. First, we need to understand what is DSG Transmission. Dsg manual combines the comfort of an automatic and the accurateness of a manual, the Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) is one of a kind in its field. By the powerful technology installed in the DSG interprets the way you are driving and so gives you the next gear change every time.

In DSG Automatic Transmission cars, Earlier the DSG gearboxes have been reported to show occasional failure, but then they have fixed these shortcomings in the newer versions. A Volkswagen’s original six-speed DSG clutch is ‘wet’, which means it runs in oil to reduce wear and it can also be smaller and concentric, packaged one in front of the other in an attractive housing.

DSG Automatic Transmission
DSG Automatic Transmission

1. Avoid Using the Accelerator to Keep the Car on Slopes

Do not use the accelerator to keep the car steady in a slope while you are driving a DCT or a Direct Shift Gearbox. this will detrimentally and negatively affect the gearbox.  The clutch will be which is fully on the active mode, will produce great heat and effort, and will lead to more wear and tear as usual. Instead of this, you can use the brake pedal to hold down the car from moving down along the slopes is the best way to go if you want to stop misusing the clutch and extend your car’s life.

2. Don’t Launch The Car Improperly

So in hurry to launch the car and thinking that it is a new car, you might rev into action. Most of the cars in India have DCT or DSG boxes and face problems with a launch, as they do not come equipped with launch control. The engine will try to spin the clutch whereas the brakes will try to do what they do the best and In between, the clutch and the brakes both will be suffering. Thus we recommend not to spontaneously and quickly launch the vehicle. 

3. Avoid Putting the Car in Neutral

While driving DSG Automatic Transmission cars, during traffic, you are stranded at a traffic light and the first instinct is to put the car in neutral. We do this to avoid harming the transmission or the engine. What you have to do is to keep the car in drive with the brake on, but not in the throttle mode. This will engage back the clutch and voila, the clutch rubs with the flywheel producing heat. Upon doing so, the clutch will engage and the flywheel will begin to rub against the clutch.

4. Don’t let the Foot of the Brake

A DSG automatic transmission has several inputs to measure which gear should be engaged. Well, you can also control the situation, but the clutch will still be activated electronically. That said, throttle position, brake position, and speed are the main factors. which determines when to shift gears. Apart from that, upshifting while braking gives a mixed signal to the ECU and could interfere with the shift. The same goes when we downshift while accelerating. In addition, the engine and gearbox run at slightly different speeds, which leads to a small slip between the clutch and the flywheel and shortens their service life.

5. Engaging Neutral When Going Downhill is a Bad Idea.

Engaging a neutral when riding downhill might save fuel because the car restricts fuel flow in the engine. We do not want that. Shift the gear lever on Drive and this will give you control of the vehicle. Because the engine brake will not slow down, which is necessary for the hilly areas. This will reduce some damaging loads on the braking system which, if ignored, can cause the brakes to wear out. Second, you can’t accelerate with rapid light reflections.

Some Additional Pointers

  • The transmission lubricants need regular changes inside a DSG Automatic
  • Do not use the Wrong Gears along with Wrong Speeds
  • Do not Accelerate For a while before you Switch To The Next Gear
  • Riding on Neutral While Driving is a bad idea.
  • Do not drive with Second Gear right after switching from the First
  • Make sure that you do not use Two Feet When Driving An Automatic Car
  • An Automatic Car should never be driven Downhill when On Neutral
  • It is not advisable to switch to ‘park’ before an automatic vehicle has stopped completely.
  • The Parking Brake should always be shifted.
  • Without Warming The Engine does not start driving
  • Do not drive with  Less Fuel In The Tank 
  • You should always ‘Park’ before an automatic car stops.

There are major five things that you have to keep in mind while driving a DSG car.  This car is designed for your comfort and using them in the right manner will increase the efficiency and the productivity of the car that you use. DSG Automatic Transmission cars are the new generation way of driving. 

Following these tips and pointers will provide you with Automatic transmission maintenance in the DSG Automatic Transmission cars and ensure great life and good drivability of the car.

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