Top Best Hybrid Cars in India

Hybrid cars are those that have a mixture of two or more different car features mechanically. These vehicles generate their power with the help of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, which in turn runs with the help of energy stored in batteries. At this point, it might strike us that as these are hybrid cars they might be charged by electricity, but no the battery is charged with the help of regenerative braking and by the internal combustion engine.

 This infrastructure enhances the performance of the car by keeping in mind to maintain the fuel economy. The electrical engines generate power only for a potentially smaller engine. These are the new-generation cars with a combination of features involved in them (E.g. electric plus petrol). The manufacturer brings those things which come to create becoming the best hybrid cars.



A hybrid car has a few unique key components. 

  • It has an auxiliary battery that provides electricity to the car to start before the traction battery is engaged. The DC/DC convertor present inside the hybrid cars helps in the process of converting high voltage DC power from the traction battery pack into a lower voltage DC power. This helps the hybrid car to run various vehicle accessories and to recharge the auxiliary battery.
  •  The electric generator inside the hybrid car acquires electricity from the rotating wheels while braking, thus transferring the energy back to the traction battery pack, in the process. The electric traction motor inside uses the power generated by the traction battery and helps in making the hybrid car’s wheels run. 
  • The exhaust system of these hybrid cars helps in expelling the residual, toxic gases through the tailpipe. To make this happen a three-way catalyst is designed to reduce the concentration of these emissions. A nozzle, called the fuel filler, from one of the fuel dispensers is attached to the receptacle to fill the tank. The fuel tank stores the gasoline onboard the hybrid car until the engine requires it. 
  • In the spark ignitedinternal combustion engine fuel is injected, where it is combined along with air. This mixture is ignited by the spark emitted by the spark plug. The hybrid cars have a power electronics controller which helps in managing the flow of electric traction energy, thus controlling the speed of the electric traction motor and the torque produced by it. 
  • These new-age hybrid cars have a thermal cooling system that helps in maintaining a proper operating temperature range for the engine, power electronics, and other components. The traction battery pack inside a hybrid car stores electricity for the electric traction motor to use. Lastly, there is the transmission which helps in transferring mechanical power from the engine or the electric traction motor to drive the wheels. 


These cars also having different types such as mild hybrid, full hybrid & plug-in hybrid. Following are a few of the best hybrid cars of India, competing in the Top 5.

1. Toyota Camry hybrid

Toyota Camry hybrid
Toyota Camry hybrid

The new hybrid car Toyota Camry comes with an improved design. The following hybrid car furnishes a great interior as well as exterior features. – 4-cylinder, petrol plus electric, 2487cc engine

The ARAI mileage of the car is about 19.16 kmpl. It also boasts of a city mileage of 14.29 kmpl. This dashing hybrid car has a seating capacity of 5 people, including the seat of the driver. Also having automatic CVT,19.16 kmpl with the price Rs. 40.60lakh only.

This car has a variety of price range in different cities of India. In Mumbai the price of Toyota Camry hybrid 2.5 is Rs 48.13 lakhs, in Bangalore, the price is Rs. 50.62 lakhs. On the other hand, in Chennai and Hyderabad, the price is a bit higher than the price in Mumbai, which is Rs. 48.94 lakhs and RS. 48.53 lakhs respectively. In Pune, it is priced at Rs. 47.84 lakhs while the price in Kolkata is really low – Rs. 44.68 Lakhs. In Kochi, the price is pretty similar to that of Bangalore, but a bit lower, Rs. 50.10 Lakhs.  

2. Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius

It is one of the most popular hybrid cars that come with a 1.8Litre, 52kW electric motor, 4-cylinder petrol engine. The petrol engine has a capacity of 1798 cc with an ARAI mileage of 26.27 kmpl. The Toyota Prius has a 5 seated capacity and has a length of 4540mm, a width of 1760mm, and a wheelbase of 2700mm.

The Toyota Prius is a recorded hybrid car with Rs.45. 09lakh price tag. It is also a top-selling hybrid car with 4 million sales over around the globe.


3. Maruti Suzuki’s line-up of SHVS cars.

Vitara Brezza
Vitara Brezza

Maruti Suzuki’s new hybrid car comes packed with a mild-hybrid setup with one of the best fuel efficiency to offer. The car uses its energy generated by the braking system. It also has a dual battery system which is a lithium-ion battery. It also stores the energy generated & uses it during the acceleration of the car. The cars of Maruti like VITARA BREZZA, CIAZ, XL6, S-Cross have come up equipped with hybrid technology. 

The Maruti Vitara Brezza has a Petrol engine that holds a capacity of 1462 cc and an ARAI Mileage of 18.76 kmpl. This car is available with Manual & Automatic transmission. Depending upon the variant and fuel type the Vitara Brezza has a mileage of 17.03 to 18.76 kmpl. The Vitara Brezza has a 5 seater capacity and has a length of 3995mm, a width of 1790mm, and a wheelbase of 2500mm. 

4. Toyota Glanza

Toyota Glanza
Toyota Glanza

The Toyota Glanza also comes with a Mild-hybrid setup. It is a smart hybrid car with new technology features. The Toyota Glanza has a  Petrol engine of 1197 cc. The following car is also available with the Manual & Automatic transmission. The variant and fuel type of the Glanza has a mileage of 19.56 to 23.87 kmpl. The Glanza is a 5 seater and has a length of 3995mm, a width of 1745mm, and a wheelbase of 2520mm. This Toyota car has some cool features like Auto LED projector headlamps with DRLs and UV cut window glass which limits the greenhouse gas build-up inside the car under direct sun. The Glanzais priced at Rs. 7.34- 9.36 lakhs…

5. Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio
Mahindra Scorpio

One of the best brands in India, Mahindra also has a mild-hybrid technology car,i.e., Mahindra Scorpio with the smart hybrid system. It comes with comfortable driving performance, a start/stop feature & a braking system.

The Mahindra Scorpio starts with the price of Rs. 12.42lakh. 



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